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terambulan | 10:56 Fri 03rd Apr 2009 | News
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360 photography been stopped by residents in Bucks......better hide - they're getting closer.

where's that burkha


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terambulan - an ex-colleague of mine was most upset when I rang her to compliment her on the new extension on her house (I don't live anywhere near her).....
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I posted relatives Aussie houses to them - they were shocked!
It's not exactly 360 photography of a house - it only shows the front, after all, and if there is a high hedge or fence, that is all you can see.
You get a better overall view on GoogleEarth.
Those residents are fools. I now know that road is affluent and apparently easy to burgle. It is not illegal for anyone to take a photo of a house or a person from a public place, such as a pavement.
Broughton village?, right so really that's Milton Keynes then?

I love the picture of the villagers in the Mail 2/Angry-villagers-form-human-chain-stop-Google -Street-View-filming.html

Have a look, the hack's obviously turned up the next day and grabbed a couple of them and asked them to stand together and look grumpy for the camera.

Question Author ok with it - got high conifer shield ;)
well the big clue is its name Streetview - er it's what anyone can see from the street.....
What I cannot understand, these people are perfectly happy to be filmed going about their everyday routine, 24/7 on CCTV cameras.

And It would seem that they are also happy to have the whole of their property filmed from the air.

Yet when a picture of their house (which most likely was taken months ago) appears on the web they get so annoyed, WHY?
Because they are *****.
Anyone know when they are doing Lincoln?
I want to be standing by my house waving.
Anyone can see anyone's house just by walking along their road. I can't see that they are invading anyone's privacy. On Google earth there is a white van in my drive and I have no idea who it belongs to!
Ah but Kathyan, now you can what people's houses look like, whether they have money, judging by swimming pools, cars etc.

Once you've picked a house out, switch to aerial mode and you can plan your getaway.
But you can see whether somebody has a swimming pool on google earth and the photos are months old.

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