Now MP's want �800 K a year pension boost

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youngmafbog | 13:20 Wed 01st Apr 2009 | News
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More shamless grabbing by our parliamentarians, this time to feather their nest for when we have got shot of them How can they possibly justify this ?

A worker with an average job would have to work 60 years to get the same pension built up by an MP with just 13 years service. It is an absolute disgrace and it is our money.

Bottler really has lost the plot.


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I honestly believe the public is rapidly losing patience with grasping MP's. There was a time when people of integrity and a profound belief in their political principles fought to get into Parliament. Nowadays, we seem increasingly lumbered with the greedy, the shameless and the unprincipled. Its very sad!
They say we can always boot them out at the next election. But is there anyone honest left? Any party that suggested doing away with 2nd home expenses would probably win the next general election but there seems to be no takers.
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This is all MP's lets remember. There is no political staement here. All p*ss in the same pot - a large one.
I'm a floating voter. But I really don't know which crook to vote for this time.
If we, as a nation, had the courage not to vote for anybody at the next election, what would happen?
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Now MP's want �800 K a year pension boost

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