Women teachers DO go to prison, after all

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Ethel | 18:20 Fri 13th Feb 2009 | News
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Just to redress the balance of those that claim 'if he had been a woman he wouldn't have been sent to jail'.

She wasn't his teacher, by the way, and they hadn't met.

Right result though.


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Its still sexual abuse whether a male or female is the perpetrator
Question Author
Yes, of course it is.

It is just that too often users of this site have claimed women abusers don't go to prison
Public perception eh. You can at times detect a very slight case of misogynism on here.
A BBC1 Panorama programme broadcast in 1997 revealed that 86 per cent of survivors of female sexual abuse were not believed.

An estimated 10 per cent of child sexual abuse victims are harmed by females, but the area is under-reported. ChildLine figures for the year to March 2001 reveal that of more than 9,800 children who called about sexual abuse, 6 per cent of those who identified the perpetrator said it was their mother. A further 3 per cent said both parents sexually abused them, 1 per cent named sisters, stepmothers, aunts and female acquaintances. Step-sisters, grandmothers, foster mothers and foster sisters accounted for less than 1 per cent.

It seems that female abuse of children is by and large still a taboo.
I imagine it's a bit like females murdering in cold blood or killing children; it goes against the grain more as even in this day and age women are still percieved as mothers/carers and by extension of that 'protectors' in some form. That women can and do committ certain crimes stil leaves a more bitter taste than when men do. This is more an opinion obviously than anything based on fact.
Its a fallacy that women can't be mad or bad, or that they don't get punished. Rosemary West is a case in point

I do have to balance tha arguement however that the majority of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by men.

The justice system continues, in my opinion, to give heavier sentences for crimes against property than against the person
I do have to balance tha arguement however that the majority of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by men.

Why do you?

This is a known fact and just stating the obvious. It is roughly 75% men to 25% women. As you said in your first post - the point is, it doesn't matter which sex it is so long as it is stopped and justice is served.
It isn't entirely well known in these here parts, Octavius. Many ABers are convinced that anti-abuse laws are some sort of conspiracy against males, and that when underage boys are seduced the authorities will just chortle 'nudge nudge wink wink' at each other rather than prosecute anyone.
Well from the figure of 86% above not being believed it would appear to be a societal issue, rather than schoolboys getting the Mrs Robinson treatment with a wey-hey attitude.

I wonder if that statistic has changed much in 12 years or so.
12 months eh? Is it only a week since that woman Doctor walked free for commiting manslaughter?

Men have always been up for criticism by some, just as some are lampooned by others on this site for daring to post reports from that rag the Daily Mail.

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Women teachers DO go to prison, after all

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