Is this the end of the American Dream?

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kinell | 11:14 Tue 20th Jan 2009 | News
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The dream....apply yourself and work hard and there is no limit to what you can achieve?

With a mission alike to 'old' labours failed idea of 're-distribution of wealth' how will the entrepreneurial spirit survive when those inclined to graft are held back by those inclined to grab?

I am of course seriously right of centre politically, but believe that healthcare should be available to all citizens, so Obama has one sound idea, however it is doubtful if that aim can be achieved in the next four years within his stewardship, because of the severe political and economic pressures.

Better to try and fail than not to try at all.


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One of the mountains that Obama will have to climb , is his election promise, to reform the American Helthcare system .

Given the vested interests and opposition , of the providers of healthcare and the drug companies ; alas I fear that it may well be insurmountable .

The lobbyists against change , frankly have too much power - it's frightening .

We complain , here about the NHS - we should be lucky we do not live in the states - ( unless you are rich )
I don't see how the US can survive without a great deal of protectionism. They seem out of kilter with the rest of the world when it comes to climate change or foreign policies. The neo conservatives have ensured that might is right and because of this have alienated more than just the Bin Laden followers. The US is heavily in debt and when the $ becomes a worthless currency there will be an inward looking population wondering how they got into this state following the Bill Clinton presidency.
You think Obama will be persuing an 'old' Labour agenda?

You are so funny.

Obama is well to the right of Mr Cameron. It is wrong to label American Political parties left and right. By our measure they have right and further right. Democrat does not equate to Labour. There is a gulf of difference, even if the Labour government of Tony Blair was most right wing than some Conservative ones.
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read carefully before commenting,

mission of unfair re-distribution of wealth is an Obama soundbite of nauseating repetition,

following old labours agenda would indeed make him a laughing stock and not a president.
To get an idea of how awful the American health care system can be try to watch the Micheal Moore film "Sicko".

It has been shown on Sky recently but not sure if it is still on.

The US Health care system is TOTALLY based on big business. It is a case of how much money can we make, and how few people can we treat.

Everyone has to have health insurance, but the industry does all it can to refuse health insurance to those who have an ongoing medical problem (but like trying to get house insurance in the UK if you live in a flood area).

They will give health insurance to anyone young, fit and healthy. But if you become ill and need treatment they trawl through your medical history trying to find a ways to NOT treat you.

One woman in the film was refused health treatment for cancer (even though she had insurance) because they said she was too young to have that form of cancer. She had to go to Canada to get "free" treatment.

Another man who sawed off the tops of two fingers with a chain saw went to hospital with the fingers, and was told one would cost 5,000 to sow back on, the other 10,000. He could only afford one so had one sown back on, and threw the other away.

One woman who helped in the 9/11 rescue has to pay about 100 dollars per dose for some drugs. Michael Moore took her to cuba where she found the same drug could be bought for under 1 dollar.

And meanwhile the health bosses line the pockets of the politicians (including the Clintons) to ensure their health business stays private and lucrative.

Do try to catch the film if you can.
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Every President elected has told his supports and potential electors they will be better off under him. If Obama has promised 'a fairer redistribution of wealth' it is only the same as Cameron saying vote for him for a a tax cut that will mean everyone has more money in their pocket.

Politicians tend to promise these things.

Rather than the end of the American dream, America will be waking up from a eight year nightmare.
Jeez, Michael Moore points out that things in the 3rd World , including medication are cheaper; hardly ground-breaking reporting. I find his work no more than cleverly edited tenuous supposition of facts. Even Borat can get stupid people to dance to his puppet strings.

In the world of insurance, any insurance you get what you pay for. I'm not saying its right, its just the way its always been.

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