Why is the shortened version

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carsonking | 18:36 Thu 15th Jan 2009 | News
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of Pakistani, so offensive, surly it's the same as 'Brit', i don't get it?


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P*** is a term used to describe anyone from Asia, regardless of where they actually come from (be it Pakistan, India etc).

If you were routinely walking down the street and people called you a Yank, you probably would get cheesed off after a while (especially if you had been at war with that country in recent memory).

It has become an insulting word - though why we give so much power to words, I still don't know.

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Ok, i can sort of see why Indians would get upset, but why do Pakistanis get uptight, it's Pakistani shortened. It makes me smile when i hear the Celts having to tell people from abroad that they are not English. As for me, as long as it's not 'late for dinner', they can call me what ever they like, i am a bit bigger than that.
I agree with you - my parents came from Sri Lanka and thus I have been called a **** by many people - some friends and some idiots.

The friends call me it in the same way as they may call me a w**ker etc. Idiots it the same way that they would call me a w**ker!

As I said, I don't know why we give power to words!
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Good on you, i think it's the only way forward, racism is something totally different. It makes me smile that the bullied at school mob who run this country really think they will change peoples attitudes by banning words, surly the people who make these stupid rules are brighter than that. Also i think it's everyones right to hate who they please, acting on your racism is a different thing but surly people should be able to feel how ever they wish about whoever they want. If stupid barriers were not put up, we might comunicate and find we can get along, telling people they have like people is just adding fuel to the fire and it's not going to work.
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this is so boring now. does someone have to post this every day?
carsonking, I am a "Celt" and I sometimes get tired of people abroad assuming because Im in the UK Im English. Im fine with Brit as Im British but not English.
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Sarah, when i went to post the question no posts of the same thing came up, so i posted, so jog on.
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Chinadog, sorry mate but it makes me smile every time i hear it, i think i would just learn to talk better English and just say 'yes'. I am from Bristol and get called carrot cruncher, farmer Giles and all sorts, i couldn't give a toss, i find it pathetic that people get so uptight, i could get called Taffy every day for the rest of my life, all i would do is pretend to be Welsh now and then for a laugh.
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and 7803.html

Hope this helps carsonking

The search system isn't very good, is it! Hopefully one day it will improve.
Sarah? shouldn't you be shortening my name instead of lengthening it?
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Well i didn't have my ESP turned on as i have had to use it all day.
Oh behave ck. You're saying we should all change our accents just to please others? Not on!
A lot of us, including me, totally agree with you, but you will see there are a lot that don't too.

How about this, then? 9979.html#top

can you not read? I thought 4 letter words were enough for you! 7803.html
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No, i just knew it would wind you up. xx
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China, no, just get past it, you should be bigger than that, if your not, sort it out, you would tell your kids the sticks and stones thing, well, that is it.
well hey, I had a job finding the other threads.. looks like they've all been removed for their racist/offensive undertones.

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