Why is the shortened version

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carsonking | 18:36 Thu 15th Jan 2009 | News
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of Pakistani, so offensive, surly it's the same as 'Brit', i don't get it?


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The bullied at school mob deleted them, ah bless em.
I shall do as you tell me oh grand
spoken like a school bully!
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Ha ha, China, you know it makes sense.
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I was niether bullied nor a bully but 6 times out of 10 the people who are hell bent on us not upsetting anyone have been bullied at school. They find a way to stand up for thierselves through complaining and just go along for the ride never actually understanding wtf they are fighting for, just like the white idiots marching about for Hamas on a Saturday afternoon, Hamas would rather hung draw and quarter the leftie loonies than have them marching next to them but they can't and it makes the numbers up.
Be off with you ck. "HI Ham Practising My Henglish":-))
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Ha ha ha. How now brown cow.
What you/we are seeing is the relentless onslaught of fawning political correctness, where anything vaguely dubious said by a white person to a Black/Asian person becomes "racist" and results in massive press coverage (and probably financial compensation).

Get it straight - white bad, black good.

Where does it end? Well it doesn't. Even when Black and Asian people are the majority, which in certain areas they already decisively are, they will still play the race card. Hopefully by that point they will be the majority and be paying all the taxes. Will I be able to claim discrimination as a white ethnic minority? I doubt it.

Britain, where did it go wrong?
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They aint taking over squwat, there is not enough of them and they couldn't all agree on anything.


Everything you've said...utter nonsense.


You can see who plays the race card now. It's whites.

The Daily Mail has been on that track for years now. I find it unbelievable that able-bodied, straight white men thing that they are in any way disadvantaged in this country.

You rule the country.

Look at the leaders of the major polical parties. Look at the board of the FTSE 100 companies.

Look at the boards of the major banks, universities, energy companies, hospitals.

What are you complaining about? If you're born a white able bodied male, you have no disadvantages.

You should be dancing a merry jig for you good luck.

The interesting thing about the offending word (which I�m sure AB will not let me use but I�ll try it all the same) is that, so offensive is it, that there is a ****.com website, which deals, among other things with �**** stuff�, �**** shopping�, has a �**** jobfinder� and advertises �**** Radio�.

I understand that Asians other than Pakistanis may not like to be addressed as such. It�s similar to English people being called Scots or Irish. But over the past few days we have been led to believe that the word is so offensive that it breaches all laws of common decency.

If that is the case, why is it OK for (presumably) Pakistanis to use it on their own website, but nobody else must utter it?

the word is used in many countries (australia) for example as a simple shortening of the country name like your example of Brit etc - the reason we do not do this in the uk is because of the history of the word e.g.the term was used extensively in this country as an insult from the 70s and 80s (think skin heads and national front lot) - as it is now so associated with insults it is very hard to try and use it innocently without being misunderstood.
Christ. It's the N-word question all over again. I thought this had finally seeped into people's brains about a decade ago.
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'Gormless' ha ha ha and i don't read the Daily Mail. I am not playing any race card, i don't care, we will win in the end, we always do. And as a white hetrosexual fit healthy English male, i have the least rights you fool, lol, Black one legged lesbian muslims should be the ones dancing, well if they could. Not everyone is great and you can stereotype, you would tell your kid with his Ipod, to hide it if he sees two black males coming towards him. You would tell your daughter to stay away from certain types of people, you yourself everyday judge people by how they are dressed, it's impossible not too. Find yourself an interesting job and stop worrying about others getting upset. getting hurt is something different but only d1ckheads get upset by names.
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By the way, were you bullied at school by any chance?

You realise I was responding to the post by someone with the screen name of Gormless, didn't you?
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No, i am a tw4t, lol.

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