Death penalty back in HM Prison

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kinell | 11:14 Wed 14th Jan 2009 | News
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Its a shame that it is only on St Kitts presently.

They take a welcome lead in re-introducing the ultimate penalty for total wasters in their society.


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and perhaps for the occasional innocent person, the way it used to be here? Barry George would be dead by now, for not murdering Jill Dando, if it was in force here.
Yes and ther are quite a few iniccent victims who who be alive today if their killers had been disposed of instead of being let out again to reoffend. That argument does not wash jno. It woul if life meant life as promised - but it doesn't.

Perhaps we could bring back flogging for scum yobs too?
Not another one who doesn't understand the difference between a sentence and a tarriff!

Get a clue youngmafbog!
just how many killers have been let out and gone on to kill again, youngmafbog?
Jake - words. The FACT is they dont go in for life i.e. never get back on the streets. I dont care how pedantic you are or how clever you feel you are wioth words I am only concerned with fact and the fact is they do not die in prison.

jno - just google it in and find out for yourself, or are you impiying it never happens ?

not ready to back up your own words, youngmafbog?

Fine. Don't feel like wasting my time doing it for you, though.
I would vote for bringing back hanging anytime. I am sick of paying taxes to keep these no hopers alive in prisons when they should in my eyes die for their actions. However I am happy to pay for people to serve 25 years or longer when they are sentanced to LIFE.
I also do not know the difference between tarriff and sentance but I can live with that - it's because I have never been in trouble with the law and no one in my family has - ever.

I understand what you say about Barry George and that is indeed scary. However I do feel that for people who really have murdered the death sentance or the thought of a FULL sentance may be a slight deterant - obviously not for some though.

Life should MEAN life in prison and for some - they should hang for their crimes.

Why should you only do 5 or 6 years in relative luxury for manslaughter - it is no justice.

If you do the crime you should pay with time.
i agree death penalty should be brought back, there are no deterants these days you kill some1 get sentanced to life in prison get 3 meals a day get to play pool, socialize, get school and then out in 3 years for good behaviour.

oldgrape - if you think it's that good - go for it! You'll have a whale of a time
if i ever become homeless trust me ethel it's tempting lol
Death sentence????? So what you wanna go take like millions of steps backwards?????

No one has got the right to take away anybodys life, no matter what they have done. Yes true If i was in the situation of someone I loved being murdered I would want to see them dead-at first. But then that aint gonna reverse anything thats happened or make things better!!!

They need to look more into rehabilitating people, not murdering them. We aint living in the dark ages now.
Bemore - everyone is entitled to an opinion - but yours is very different to mine I am afraid.

Exactly how long do you think people who have murdered should spend in prison before they are 'rehabilitated' into the community??

I think actually they should serve the 25 years on death row and then hang - like USA and then if they are innocent there is a good chance this could come to light during this time.

I think there are a lot of people who would like the security of a roof over their head, meals and heating at the moment - no credit crunch in HM Prison!!
Provided the accused is found guilty by 100% proof then I say bring back hanging or as in the USA lethal injection or chair. Why should we the public have to pay for murderers to be kept in prison al beit for half their original sentence? I also think the birch should be brought back!!
A Member of my social group lost her husband when someone out on licence trapped her husband's head in a stolen car and drove off with him . He 'fell' 100 yds later and died 2 days after that. He got 13 years and is most likely to be out in 6 months after 6 years. My mate's hubbby was a police man. How is that fair?

He should hang in my opinion.
The death penalty is not a deterrent, just look at America! Who normally gets given the punishment? Murderers who have done such unspeakable things that they �deserve� no less. Who are they? In the main, mentally unstable people who cannot act in any different way and certainly won�t be thinking �oh, hang on, I�d better stop or I�ll be executed�. Or, as has been pointed out, people who have been accused and convicted on evidence later found to have been a little manipulated.

I agree with Chinadog, as long as it is 100% that the person did it then why should they be allowed to live when they took someone elses life. With the DNA testing they have now, it is easier to find the person that did it. Otherwise, they may as well send these sick people to Butlins. Big screen tv, games consoles, pool tables, gourmet food and the ability to bleat on about their "human rights" What about the rights of their victims???
prison can never address the very reasons a lot of people end up here and as long as ther is little funding for rehabilitation the chances of recidivism remain high.

Take a look at the prison population many are those who have grown up in care or have dropped out of school. Some of these are the very people the state was charged to care or. The most important issue is to address the circumstances that give rise to criminal behaviour.

Whilst i would love to bring back public floggings etc i dont believe the death penalty is the answer as two lives lost wont change the effects of the crrime
And if Barry George was dead for not murdering Jill Dando he`d never have been able to stalk Kay Burley, the Sky News woman who interviewed him after his release from prison for not murdering Jill Dando
We should also bring back rationing, National Service, outside toilets, child labour, back-street abortions, medicinal leeches, witch burning and the flat earth campaign.

Let's ignore the fact that as the only significant democracy to reinstall capital punishment, we'd be a global laughing stock. Let's even ignore the statistics that show it doesn't act as a deterent (most of you seem to anyway, even when it's put to you). Let's brush off the truth about innocent men being put to death not by a knife-wielding mad man but by the state itself whenever there's a miscarriage of justice.

And just go with the bizarre position that we apparently deplore murder so much we actually want to punish it with er... murder. Usually justified by some anecdotal harrumphing about how it feels to be a victim or that thing that happened that time to that mate's husband.

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Death penalty back in HM Prison

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