Will you frame your banknotes for the grandchildren?

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kinell | 11:03 Thu 08th Jan 2009 | News
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Labours last desperate throw of the dice is set to be 'lets just print some more money'.

Germany did this in the 30's and Zimbabwe more recently with ludicrous results.

Get ready to take a wheelbarrow of notes with you when you go shopping.

The stores will close at midday so the staff can increase all the prices.

I think i shall make a nice colourful collage for the grandkids to look back on........

I am sure the new Billion Pound notes will be nice and artistic.... and worth sod all.


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what on earth are you talking about? Nobody's printing more money.
Call me ignorant if you like, but I don't understand why printing more money is a potential problem, can you explain it to me, please?
its makes the value of all teh existing money go down.....thats assuming you have grandchildren...
wont be long untill we go 1:1 with
There was talk of it on BBC news this morning, JNO, though I'm not sure if it was speculation or fact, I was drying my hair and not really listening LOL.

But why does it do that, eyebrows?? I'm not trying to be difficult, I genuinely don't understand why. To my mind, printing more momey = us lot not being so skint?
The pound has risen in value today. This sounds like another Tory scare story. Don't worry about spreading rumours that may harm the country-Party first wot ?
Well the Telegraph is reporting that Alistair Darling is considering printing more money so does not look like Tory propaganda to me. 164836/Alistair-Darling-considers-emergency-pl an-to-print-more-money.html
the bank has denied it m

I would have thought that being in the Telegraph makes it more, not less, likely to be Tory propaganda.

It is an option and governments consider all options.

The difference is that in Zimbabwe and Germany there was an uncontrolled printing of money which caused hyper inflation.

There is a current concern about deflation, prices falling so much that nobody spends money waiting for the lowest price resulting in businesses going bust.

Currently drops in interest rates are stopping that but the US has run out of cuts that it can make and is considering increases to the money supply instead.

We have still more scope for interest rate cuts but if there's a continual deflation past that then we might follow suit.

But to compare a careful increase like that to Germany is just deliberate mischief making - the journalists know better there just trying to scare the gullible
Thank you for that informative link AOG, but it appears to be from the Fabian Society and not the Guardian.
Forever the perfectionist Gromit, but the link was indeed taken from the Guardian, independent to who originally published it.

Please notice a woman of the future, about to pay the milkman. cle-1108305-02FA36B5000005DC-871_468x577.jpg

Thank you for that subsequent link from Private Eye.
No the Daily Mail
I think the above link is pretty much the same as the point I made above.

and it's light years away from Zimbabwe where printing money is uncontrolled.

Remind me what the Mail's recipe for economic recovery is.

You really should have better ideas yourself before you poke fun at others

Rather makes me think Baldwin was right when he accused Beaverbrook's Daily Express of "Power without responsibility, the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages"

God, you're right. This DID happen in Germany! And Zimbabwe!

Someone email the government and tell them!

That was a lucky escape. They shouldn't be consulting economists, they should be taking advice from mongs on message boards who have a GCSE in history.
fortunately, Quinlad, the Treasury seems to have spotted the risk in the nick of time. Clearly one of their economists has just popped back in from his GCSE history studies.
Question Author

The two jock commanders unfortunately for most of us have above all an agenda of old style commu-socialism and by helping to maintain the current economic mess are i would suggest ecstatic.

McPrudence is anything but, now he has the big chair.

Still, the lightweight lefty lot on here will love all this.

Enjoy, your public sector half-jobs will be safe along with your special pensions that we are happy to pay heavily into for you, before you retire in your forties with a bad back......

generally brought about through many years of carrying that large chip on your shoulder.

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Will you frame your banknotes for the grandchildren?

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