Should donated organs go to foreigners?

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anotheoldgit | 13:31 Mon 05th Jan 2009 | News
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If one did not wish this to happen, then a way round this could be a clause on the donor card, stating that the organ or organs should only go to a British NHS patient.


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Do you honestly care when you die where your organs will go?

I cannot think of anything I care less about than where parts of my dead body go!

If thats the kind of thing that worries you i really do recommend seeking help
Question Author
So perhaps you do not also care who your estate goes to when you die, isn't this why one leaves a will?

Reverting back to the donor question, if one of your family needed an organ transplant, I don't supose you would be also bothered, if you knew that the only one available in the UK had gone to someone from China for example?

Perhaps it is you that needs help.
No I wouldnt care I dont give a crap about what happens when I die!

I hope if have children there will be someone there to look after them but as far as my organs, not one iota of care from me.

in fact I'd quite happily write on my donor card theat my organs are only for foreigners- just to mix it up a little!
Question Author
Yes definitely needs help.
Well since we're going into it Git why dont we go one step further! You obviously can't see the absurdity in your idea so lets delve into your ignorance.

Why stop at foreigners?

you hate:
scottish people
The labour party
would you be happy to donate to Gordon Brown for example?

What about someone who has lived in this country 20 or 30 years?
How long before they are called British and are allowed one of Anotheoldegits organs?
if me or a member of my family ever needed a transplant i would happily take a chinamans organ ( no jokes please ).

what i wouldnt agree on was if because the person was paying top whack and going private then they were getting perferencial treatment over someone via the nhs, that is wrong. i think it should be the most needy person gets the organ regardless of race,nationality,wealth.

So far, your post is the funniest of the year.

Made me spit coffee onto my keyboard.

Nice one.
My sentiments, dusty. From one human to another, if my organs can help, I don't care what colour or nationality the recipient is.

Why do you dislike Scottish people, anotheroldgit?
You can't start putting exclusion clauses on donor cards.
1. We cannot store donated organs, so they have to be transplanted as and when available.
2. In the UK, the NHSBT explicitly recognise the need to offer a valuable gift such as a donated organ to the person in greatest need of said organ, subject to recipients health status and availability, compatibility etc.
3. Sometimes, such a match might not be made with an NHS patient - but a foreign/private patient might be an ideal match. If we implemented your clause, AOG, you would deny such a patient a potentially life saving organ transplant - the organ would instead go completely to waste - Is that something you would prefer to see?
4. Nowhere in that article does it explicitly state that an NHS donor was denied a transplant and a foreign/ private patient was given priority instead when there was an NHS patient equally in need of said transplant and equally available/compatible.
5. Of the approximately 3,300 Organ transplants carried out in 2008, we are talking about 40 transplants to foreign/private patients.
6. The UK has approximately 8,000 patients on the waiting list for organ transplant at any given time (mostly kidney), with around 1,000 or so patients dying before they get their transplant. This is not because foreign/private patients are being prioritized, but rather that we have insufficient donors. - How many people do you personally know that carry the donor card?
If you were ill in hospital and needed a new heart and a doctor said we have a heart donated from mr untangi.
Would you say , is he black and if the doctor says yes .
Would you then say No Thanks i would rather die. I don't think so
I'd be personally happy to donate my organs to anyone who needed them, irrespective of age, gender, race or ethnicity, just as I was very grateful recently to all ther wonderful, and no doubt multi ethnic, people who donated the blood they used when I had recent brain surgery.
Grow up old git, in the big scheme of things we're all human beings and our lives are all worth an equal amount, surely you can see that and just give someone... anyone... the gift of life after you die without begrudging them something that precious because they don't happen to be ' British' ( whatever your definition of that is)?
Hi Noxy! Happy New Year xxx

Hope you had a lovely Christmas :o)

(Sorry AOG)
if the organ cant be used by the NHS and there is a private patient even if they are foreign who is suitable then they should get the organ but they should have to pay for it, it would be a good way of additional funding for the NHS
Way to go.

Organ donation is a final act of kindness, a gesture that leaves a philanthropic glow as you make you way to the pearly gates.

I'm sure St Peter would love to see you've clung onto petty prejudices even in your dying breath. Yep, it'd warm the cockles of his heart, just as it does the rest of us.
Hopefully donated organs go to those whose need is most urgent, regardless of nationality. I'm sure if you or yours needed an organ donation you would be happy to accept it wherever it came from. If it came from a foreigner, would you turn it down?
would a person who recently moved to this country be able to donate organs
There's a national list, they go to the person at top of list as long as they fufulled criterior in order to get said organ. I don't envy the transplant co-ordinators job.

Are you aware that this country imports blood from abroad (and presumably this saves many lives). During the CJD scare, babies and young children were banned from being treated with UK blood and could only be given imported blood (because it was deemed safer than our own).

Would your ban cover imported donor organs and products?
I posted a question some time ago whether you could insist they go to NHS patients as I don't think it fair that someone who can jump the NHS queue assumes priority for that organ.

This added bombshell about them going to foreign receipients can only deter prospective donors ever contributing.

The new fact that NHS surgeons who are involved in this foreign arrangement gets �20,000 to take part needs special attention.
rov1200- You have got to be joking? you're saying in death you wouldn't want your organs to go to a foreigner?????
Please explain the rational there?

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Should donated organs go to foreigners?

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