The End of the British Carrot or an end to this Europe nonsense ?

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youngmafbog | 12:28 Mon 05th Jan 2009 | News
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The EU is now looking at regulating pesticides to such a degree the British carrot (amongst other things) will not survive. Prices will also be driven up.

How can we continue to let this happen? We are in a 'credit crunch' (although I suspect those on the gravy train dont realize this), we need cheap wholesome food from our own fields not imported thus increasing the carbon footprint too. What planet are these people on.

On top of this we now find that Britain will have to find nother �3 BILLION as our Government agreed to pay our Europe bill in Euro's so now the � vs the Euro is on par we are stuffed. This comesontop of our Government giving up our rebate whcih sees our contribution triple ver the next three years.

We are a poor nation now so how is this being allowed to happen.

The time is right to get out now and stop all this nonsense.


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Are you sane ? Get out of Europe ? How ?
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It is actually not as difficult as you make out. Besides if they thought we were serious about it then we would win more concessions.

Afterall he who pays the piper should call the tune, not a load of non descript Europeans who contribute nothing.
As we do most of our trade with Europe by getting out means our markets will have to sell elsewhere. Where do you suggest, Reviving the commonwealth, the emerging African nations, China (who only want to sell to us,or occasionally buy our scrap), the USA (the most protectionist society on Earth), or as a last resort just become self sufficient?

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The End of the British Carrot or an end to this Europe nonsense ?

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