How can we send them home?

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anotheoldgit | 13:14 Mon 05th Jan 2009 | News
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What an excuse, we will never send any home if all they have to do is to throw a tantrum.

One solution would be to put them in cuff & leg irons, bundle them onto a boat, and release them at their nearest port.

Or better still make them apply for asylumn, before coming to this country in the first place.


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First we need a Government with balls.
Second we need to ditch the HRA
Third we need to put the minority 'liberal elite' in a boat and ship them off too.

Once common sense prevails then we can start getting rid of them

Oh, and dump the EU too.
As the majority come from the Middle East why don't they put them on the troop planes flying out to Afghanistan to collect the coffins of our killed servicemen.
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How can we send them home?

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