Lucky single people

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kinell | 12:08 Thu 04th Dec 2008 | News
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How fortunate single people are that the credit crunch doesnt affect them.

If soundbite brown the sub-prime minister drops the 'f' word into another sentence (family) i will scream.

Now madge in her opening of parliament says her government are to help 'families and businesses' through the recession.

Pleasse explain how a single person is better able to cope presently than a family?


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Or perhaps couples who don't have children, especially older couples who can't work. I too am getting fed up with the emphasis on families with children.
everytime he opens his mouth you hear a pack of lies. the truth is coming out over this tory mp that got arrested.
speaker of the house was not told the police had NO WARRANT to arrest green . the serjeant hoodwinked . she signed consent, the police failed to inform her,
what a joke,
we do not live in a police state.
ba$tard brown says i am a family man i know their needs i will help families. single people can sod off till the next election.
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Most people live to their means,

Dont forget if a single person loses their job that is 100% of income lost,

If petrol is more expensive a family wont put any more in the car for the same journey will they?

kinell - this drives me mad too, I've tried e-mailing Mr Brown about it but got re-directed to a Labour party propaganda website.

vibra - What a stupid answer!! , One wage to pay heating, water, council tax, car and house expenses etc. No tax credits to help either. Durrr!!

What about single person's tax credits? Only one vote from a single person and two from a "family" so that won't happen.
Really well said kinell.

Families with children have benefits galore nowadays. I was absolutely amazed to learn that child tax credits can be paid out to families with �50,000 gross income!!!!

and 'entertain' vibrasphere - I wish I had enough money to 'entertain' myself.
Obviously must be struggling earning over 50k or more likely an attempt to buy votes.
yer you;re right we are so so lucky vibra as we only have to pay for ourselves. because we can live in houses and get them half price because theres only one of us. jeez
"But what about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
You are somewhere in between Quinlad? Always knew you were from some sort of minority group.
Why would anyone assume the credit crunch doesn't affect single people?

As long as you have bills, a mortgage any kind of debt and the risk of losing your job, then it will affect a single person as much as couples with families.

Brown is a Clown!
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no not the same worry but doesnt mean they dont have the worry, they worry too about how to pay for things and bills coming through the door. And families at least can share that worry or bills with their partners
I have tried to make this point to friends before, but with them being the 'family' that Brown constantly refers to, they don't understand.
Single working people in this country get absolutely no tax breaks or relief from this government. We pay top $ for everything. If your in a full time job and single your on your own.

I live in an identical house to my neighbours. 2 kids under 7 yrs, Mum works partime, Dad gets slightly more than national minimum. They get child allowance, rent rebate, tax credits, free prescriptions, eye tests etc. Motobility car (via the mother in law). Pound for pound they have probably got more coming in every week than I have, but I've still got to pay my way... why is that???? I'm not having a go at my neighbours here, they are actually good friends and you can't blame them for taking all that's due to them, but I can't help feeling the injustice of the situation.
What do i, a single guy in 30's get back from this government? NOTHING... its me and everyone like me thats paying for the lifestyle of the free loaders that won't / can't work in this country.
Am I immune to the recent financial situation? Does the credit crunch not apply to me? Recent hikes in gas and electricity miss me out? Don't I eat ? OF COURSE IT DOES but where is the government stepping in to help me?
If they can't afford to have kids they should't have them, simple as that. Id' like a Ferrari too.
I;m not saying families struggle but I'd be happier if gordon brown included all people effected
At least couples share the burden and usually these days have two salaries coming in and child tax credits and child allowance. If one loses their job they still have an income.
Everything is done for people with kids these days - more than ever before.

Treble durr!!!

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Lucky single people

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