who chose russell watsons song?

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helpmetoo | 11:51 Sun 09th Nov 2008 | News
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his song at the festival of remembrance was interesting,

thats life!,

'riding high in april, shot down in may',

'....roll myself up in a big ball and die'


will have to hire him for my cremation i think,

how about 'burn baby burn?'


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Sorry were you expecting the last night of the proms?

Did the nasty reality of young men bleeding to death without even having seen an enemy soldier intrude on your feelings of patriotic fervour?

How about ending with Wilfred Owen and Dulce et Decorum est?

He was there - he called it "the old lie" - that it was a great and noble thing to die for ones country.
We know people die in wars - that's the whole point of the Festival of Remembrance - but I felt those songs were in extremely bad taste. They failed to portray the dignity and the respect that the occasion, to my mind, should command, and I would imagine that anyone who had lost someone to war would have felt, not only perturbed, but very hurt that their loss was, apparently, treated so lightly. I know I would have. Cabaret has no place at the Festival on Remembrance, and that is what this was. It was totally inappropriate. Shame on whoever made the decision to include those songs. Wilfred Owen's poem is indeed, poignant, but nevertheless, those who made the ultimate sacrifice have well and truly earned our greatest respect, and they deserve nothing less.
In some ways it suitable to him as well.
It can't be fun finding out you have a brain tumor.


Maybe the guardian could conduct a survey as to what light entertainment would be ideal for next year?

I suggest morris dancing at the cenotaph, that should lift the cloud of respect pervading the armistice day memorials.

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who chose russell watsons song?

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