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helpmetoo | 09:56 Fri 17th Oct 2008 | News
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prudence mc broon stock phrase since labour unfortunately got their power.......

'no return to boom and bust'

he and his darling will no doubt declare that this is no 'bust' situation and that their fiscal forecasting saw the problem ahead and laid the plans accordingly that has seen the uk totally unaffected by any of these economic problems .....

didnt they do well?


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Don't start me off! I've got a lot to do today.

(Cue the usual suspects to come in and say "I suppose you reckon the Tories would have handled it better").
Well we do have the rather facinating spectacle right now of Cameron saying that Brown should have imposed restrictions on private borrowing years ago.

Sounds rather socialist doesn't it?

A bit like a spoilt child blaming it's mother for letting it eat too many sweets.

But lets be straight here.

This problem was built up in the States and no amount of regulation here would have stopped that.

Some additional banking regulation might have minimised exposure but at the time there was no justification for doing so and any attempt would have been branded as meddling with free markets.

The current volatile markets are a reaction to massive speculation and are an inherent part of the way free markets can behave.

Camerons speech today is an attempt to claw back some of the credibility that the Tories have lost over this - being the party of free markets is a bit tough right now.

The fact that he is making it rather than Osbourne speaks volumes.

Osbourne was rather laid into on the Today program this morning by Sarah Montague (not even Humphries!) asking him why he'd never advocated any of these changes at the time.

Osbourne of course had no answer

But then he never does does he?
The Tories have had more than a decade to say how the economy should have been regulated. Of course in opposition they would not have been able to do anything about it, but they could none the less have pointed out what needed doing, as Churchill spent the 30s warning against the Nazis.

Did they?
Hey Jake, has Osbourne done somthing really bad to you? You wern't one of the oiks roasted over and open fire or something where you? You seem to want to give him a regular kicking!
At last somebody has queried how Boy George (Osborne, that is) would have handled the present situation. The notion that he could have is as laughable as his pal's idea that it's all Gordon Brown's fault.
That panorama was the most spin fuelled attack on Labour i've seen in a long time!

And Jake is right Never have the tories really put a credible case together that this was going to happen and that it was all Labours fault.

THey are pathetic they don't have a single answer not one of them have come up with anything and somehow 10 years of Banking greed has been put on the head of Gordon Brown.


I really don't understand the link.

As someone put it. Gordon treated the banks like mature teenagers and let them go out at and do their own thing. Unfortunately they completely abused their new found freedom and now Gordon has to bring them back in and gve them a spanking!
ok so you're into spanking teenagers then sherman, right oh!

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mc broon multiple clips on panorama

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