dodgy Product of China food/ electricals!!!!

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WhiteBear | 22:22 Tue 23rd Sep 2008 | News
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Do chinese ppl in China actually care about peoples lives instead of thinking about money?
they inject many chemicals into food, most are countefiet food too. (although UK do have reformed meat etc in sasuages, chicken nuggets..... not heard any cases ppl die from eating it!)

there was one case in China where they were selling pork in resturants ... which turned out to be Cardboards, broken into pieces soaked in some form of chemical to make it taste like pork!!!!! ewww

my parents watches cantonese (not chinese or mandrine language!) news channel on chinese sky everyday.. and theres always dodgy news about chinas products!

the babys milk scandal had been going on for a number of years! but it has only come to light in UK / the whole world news?? 7629130.stm

i used to love these Chinese Rabbit Sweets which i used to buy ... now .. TESCO have recalled them back .... 00/newsid_7632000/7632039.stm
:( now i think i should throw these away!

and i love instant noodles... i normally check where they are made from... was always told NEVER to buy instant noodles tht are made in China.. but recently i bought loads of noodles that r made in china (cos they r really nice, so i thought untill.... i heard a few cases where they r actually plastic!! they dont digest in your body, they turn into plastic. Now im scared... what do i do with those noodles in my cupboard??

One more thing... i bought a TV made by BUSH (made in China), i have only had it for 6 weeks.. and now its stoped working!! i should have listened to everyone not to buy


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Im not having a go with China... but they are soo dodgy.. why do we all still buy their stuff? is it because iits soo cheap??? how did they ever passed the product / food test??? I blame it on the Government for not doing anything about it!!!! i thought after the Olyimpics they would have a better reprutation.. but no.... !! what is happening to them? are they back to square one?

yes im Chinese.. but im british born... and my parents r hong kong born... they always slag china off, they make me laugh....! ... but stilll what can China do to pick themself back up again? cos im sick of hearing these news that i havent heard b4!!!!!!!!
Every country has food scares, the UK has itself had many. It is impossible to buy a new television without a screen that was manufactured in China. You could consider buying a radio instead.
Wheatslim breakfast cereal is made in China from reformed sewage. It goes through a thorough cleansing process and according to the manufacturers is perfectly healthy.
Marks & Spencer sell it, so it's not just food................
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its M & S Food? or China food.... lol

Most of the things (if not all) are Made In China now a days. Just accept it. I bought a hammer drill recently from Aldi thinking it would be German. Well, once home opened it and on drill it says made in China. Very powerfull drill though. So I am happy.
Bear in mind 'Made in China' in a lot of cases means it's assembled there: the actual components and materials in quite a few cases come from all over the place (obviously it varies enormously depending on the product so I'm generalising).
There are rogues in all countries. China is only just emerging as a developing nation and needs time to put its house in order. Be proud to be Chinese. I'm Welsh by the way, with a mix of Welsh, English and German blood - not Chinese, but I admire the Chinese people and their work ethic. Just be choosy about what you buy. Bush TVs used to be British in the 1950s, then they were taken over by the Thorn group and eventually the name was sold to a Chinese Company. I have always found them fairly good, but don't expect Panasonic qulaity.
Hi china is very popular country for all kind of products & it will get easily every product in china just because of manufacturing companies are more in china.. so china is number one manufacturing country i also one of the popular manufacturing company in china..
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dodgy Product of China food/ electricals!!!!

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