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views on what bit, I did answer this yesterday about her being seen in shop. I said how I was amazed that when Kate was told she said 'no my daughter would have called herself Madelaine, not maddie' if that was me then no matter what she called herself if there was a slight chance I'd be looking into it straight away
So frustrating and is something that should have been looked into for sure!

Just wish the shop keeper knew about the whole thing at the time and could have called the police there and then, even if it was to rule it out!

I do however think that the poice did have a lot of sightings to go though and I'm not surprised they couldn't investigate them all!
That report concerns two separate things: UK intelligence of a snatch by a paedophile ring; a reported sighting of her in a shop in Amsterdam.

Re the Amsterdam shop - it was investigated and discounted. It was not Madeleine.
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so how many other kids, called Maddie, have been snatched by kidnappers and were kidnapped from holiday from their "mummy". I cant believe they discounted this, it cannot be coincidental surely Ethel?

I didn't think they actually investigated the shop keepers sighting. The shop keeper said that she was disappointed that they didn't investigate!! (to what I understand).

It was investigated.

From the reports in the paper the shopkeeper had a long and conversation with this child - asking where her mother was; where she was on holiday; did she stay in a hotel or apartment.... all while this 'stranger' was in the vicinity.

The child probably said she had been taken ON holiday, not FROM holiday.

Bear in mind this was while Madeleine was splashed all over the papers. Would abductors really take her out and about and let her chatter to shopkeepers?
My take on it was that she made a statement and a report was made of it, but was dismissed! So no physical investigation took place, only filed!

It's hear nor there really to be honest.... I don't think the police on Portugal did a good job at 'investigating' anything other than focusing on that 'DNA' result!

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