Heroin addict's video diary to be screened in schools � right or wrong?

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AB Asks | 11:24 Fri 30th May 2008 | News
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A video diary charting the downward spiral of a heroin addict could be shown in schools across the country. 34-year-old Ben, who had been addicted to heroin for 13 years died in hospital in 2006, he started making the diary in his final few months of life. In the video he talks about the effect the drugs have had on his life, health and feelings. The final scene of the video shows Ben searching for a vein to inject the drug into. The video diary has been shown to some college students as well as the police, hoping to give them an insight into addiction. What do you think? Is this too harsh for school children to see? Or could this be what they need to keep them away from all drugs?


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I think it should definitely be shown - just not sure of the age - probably 14 / 15 / 16.

They should show it and I think 14/15/16 is about right as Vic suggests.

They should also point out that although taking Cannibis does not always lead to the hard stuff, there are no people on the hard stuff that didn't start on the flluffy bunny wonder drug.
Good idea and not too harsh hey its real life. But I dont think these videos stop all kids, yer some might think eeeeuuugh but I remember seeing all the cancer videos and did that stop me smoking er no. Children growing up in an environment that they want to just fit into are not going to take any notice of a video. I have had many friends addicted to heroin and I never once thought eeeuggh I would never do that whats the point because of what it turned them into but I would never have done it because I respect my family too much.
I think comparison to a Cancer video is slightly erroneous as the ones I have seen tend to be quite old people. A 15 year old will see nothing to compare themselves with a 80 year old - but will relate more to someone in their 30s.

Maybe this should be shown every year until they leave school (and maybe even further into Uni / College)
Ok but I remember watching that Betts girl that took the extasy tablet, believe me that did not stop probably over half in my year doing it
sorry Extacy, and Leah Betts
And there are no alcoholics that didn't start on beer are there Geezer?

All monkeys have tails therefore if it has a tail it's a monkey

(Ever consider a course in Logic?)

Back to the subject

Providing it is realistic and representative.

One of the problems with past campains is that by using over the top scare stories people's response has been

"I known people that used that and there nothing like that - this is all propaganda it's all rubbish"

And the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater because someone gets over keen
congrats jake! I knew you wouldn't let me down, as soon as you menton the highly addictive mind altering drug cannibis the fluffy bunny wonder drug nuts, start to change the subject to booze.

This is about illegal drugs, alcohol is another subject
geezer did say there is no one on heroine that didnt start on canabis
-- answer removed --
No, I don't think it's too harsh
It's not good being nampy pamby with teens these days
Take away the glamorous Kate Moss side of drugs away and give them the real deal
I think it's a good idea however if teens are still like they were when I was one of them (it's not THAT long ago!!) they'll have the "that'll never happen to me" attitude and brush the video aside if they were inclined to start taking drugs.
Actually Geezer you were the one that changed the subject.

It was about Heroin and you brought up canabis. OK the last sentence said all drugs but last time i checked alcohol was a drug.

I also rather suspect that most heroin addicts had their first drink before a joint don't you?

And let's face it how many times do you hear of someone having to much weed and starting a brawl?

I'm not suggesting it's good or that it should be legalised I'm against that - I just think you need to get it in a bit of perspective
I can see the thinking behind this proposal, but I don;t think it will work.

People who view this kind of message, and shudder at the thought of dying as an addict are exactly the people who won;t end up as addicts.

Let's face it, addiction is not a clever lifestyle choice. It's not taken by intelligent people who are able to think logically, rather than simply exist and allow life to happen to them.

People become addicts because oblivion is preferable to the life that reality gives them. Adjust the social conditions, and the desire for addiciton will vanish.

I realise that this is a generalisation - but so is the notion that anyone who watches a hard-hitting message will be hit hard by it.

Nice concept - but it will never reach those for whom it is intended - they simply don't make that connection.
Yes show it because adverts stop people drink driving and smoking.


This reminds me of the Brasseye episode on drugs.

"People say that alcohol is a drug. It's not - it's a drink."
And the amount of people who have stopped drink/driving and smoking has:

a) increased?

b) decreased?
Decreased lol

But if people are hell bent on doing anything they do

Plus I never smoked cannabis and went str8 to cocaine/ectasy. Ectasy I still do on occassion and the BMA class it as a lot less harmful than alcohol

did anyone notice that at my second attempt I stil couldnt spell ecstacy lol
After devistatingly watching a lot of my close friends become caught up with this evil drug (most have come off it, but are not the same people they were before, one had died and one keeps re-lapsing) i think the harsh reality of how it affects people should be exposed to the next generation to start trying it.
Myself, i could never understand why you would even try it, knowing that its the hardest drug to come off, and apart from crystal meth makes you look like a grey skeleton. Who would want to be assosiated with that lifestyle. how many times have you said, that dirty smack head, etc.
No one likes them and any attempt to help prevent anymore people messing their lives up, losing all their morals and wondering around parks and estates 1st thing in the morning and late at night trying to score, i think is a great idea.
coz who wants to be a bag hed?

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Heroin addict's video diary to be screened in schools � right or wrong?

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