'Right to die' cards?

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AB Asks | 10:53 Fri 23rd May 2008 | News
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They are available in banks, pubs, libraries and GP surgeries. The Advanced Decision to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) cards instructs doctors or health professionals to withhold treatment if the patient loses the ability to make a decision in an accident or through illness. There are concerns that people could carry a card without fully understanding the implications. Also it has been pointed out that what someone wants when they are well can be very different to what they want when sick. What do you think?


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An issue that is always going to be strongly debated. I personally dont carry a card but all my familly who are likely to be involved in the decision making (if the need ever arises) know my views. If there is no hope switch off the machines and let the docs take any bits they can use. I was a blood donor and carried an organ donor card untill ill health prevented me, and I've always been of the opion that if you or your loved ones expect to recieve if necessary you should be prepared to give if necessary. I know a lot of people will disagree on religous or ethical grounds but this is how I personally feel, just because ther is no hope for you, doesnt mean that you cann't help somebody who might have a chance 9403.html

discussed a bit already but i think they could be a useful tool for some - your question suggests that the card itself will inform docs not to proceed but that is def not their purpose, instead they will inform people treating a patient that their is a detailed statement of patient requests should certain circumstances occur - these full statements will be kept and drawn at docs or solicitors, meaning the pt will get advice and guidance.

I can see that there may be problems but on balance i think this is a fairer way of making decisions regarding treatment - rather than relying on family etc to decide at a time when they will be struggling anyway
I was beginning to think the AB staff have them and that they had been used.
Why do these people who want to die prematurely make such a song and dance about it in the full glaze of publicity. If you want to go do it yourself or if thats not possible get a relative to do it for you. Don't put the onus on professional health people to make the decision.
LOL @ Gromit.

It is the duty of a doctor to prolong life; not his duty to prolong the act of dying.
Difficult. People on life support machines and in comas have been known to suddenly rally round, even when all hope'd disappeared. This happened to a relative of mine who was in a car crash, and also to a friend of mine. The first is now fully active again, and the second one's almost there. What if someone'd decided that it was best to let them go?

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'Right to die' cards?

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