Last night in Manchester will soon be forgotten

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Booldawg | 15:12 Thu 15th May 2008 | News
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come Saturday;

In the words of the Kaiser Chiefs, I predict a riot. Portsmouth play Cardiff in the FA Cup final, the most prestigious domestic football trophy in the world.

1) Both teams have notoriously famous and violent 'firms'
2) Its basically England v Wales
3) They have history going back to an incident at Victoria tube station a few years ago when Pompey were coming back from a fixture up north and Cardiff were in London and it kicked off on the platform.
4) At the FA Semi-final against Barnsley its reported that Cardiff fans were spitting at and chucking pint glasses of urine at the statue of Bobby Moore outside Wembley Stadium. Its rumoured that West Hams 'firm' will turn up to pay them back for their disrespect.
5) I reckon that all major London 'firms' (Millwall, Chelsea etc.) will simply not be able to resist a ruck with Cardiffs famous 'Soul Crew' on home turf.


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Lets hope so cos there won't be much happening on the pitch
I wouldnt like to be in amongst them lot on Saturday.

Though Millwall are a London firm, I wouldnt class them as a major. Just a bunch kids.

15 years ago I may have agreed with you but the days of major disorder at football are long gone.

All the old faces have got arthritis now....
revfunk (but the days of major disorder at football are long gone. )
what do you call that trouble at manchester then.those thugs that kicked the policeman should be locked up for 10 years
why as Alan not got 3 stars?
I donlt believe they were footie fans they were scottie yobbos
The girls who work for my company in the Manchester city centre store had to pick their way through human sh!t literally to get into the staff entrance yesterday morning, says it all really, especially as the culprits were still lying in the street in drunken stupors amongst it all
dot you have people on this site laughing at the policeman that got kicked and stamped on, if i was a moderator these people would get a couple of days banned from the site
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Compared to the 70's and 80's football these days is like going to a picnic.

There will always be sporadic outbursts at major games like there are sporadic outbursts at major events with thousands of people i.e. music festivals.

Yeah lock people up for ten years like that will ever happen lol, aint room in the prisons in case you failed to notice lol
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mamjet have i upset you
Here's my prediction:

At half time it is 2-0 to Pompey, the crowd are well hammered. At full-time it is 2-2 and looking a bit ugly. In the last minute of extra time Pompey score an own goal (Mendes with any luck) and Cardiff win 3-2. The crowd goes ape, and the machine gunners open up from the touchline.

I am going to sit at home and cheer in between potting up tomatoes.
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No chance of it happening on Saturday

Wednesday was a one off, and out of 100,000 p!ssed up jocks, it was only a few hundred who started the trouble
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Mendes will have to knock that one in from the bench Whiffey. They seem to favour that waste of space Dioup at the moment.
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I have a fabulous future as a weather forecaster with the Met office :-)

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Last night in Manchester will soon be forgotten

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