work harder in the south

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helpmetoo | 09:26 Fri 09th May 2008 | News
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confirmation via official figures that in terms of most productive (gross value added) londoners are much more productive and harder working than elsewhere and contribute most to the treasury in order for lazy people to claim benefits and credits

london 28,959
wales 14.936
n east 15,177
n west 16,234

even your beer is cheaper up country!

enjoy! we will keep grafting on your behalf....

yes lefties it is in the daily mail


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i use to watch eastenders and i am sorry to say i just can't believe those figures.
Well at least they've found a use for southerners hahaha. I just wish the news would stop telling people how fab it is up here.
If it's in the daily mail it must be true.LOL
helpmetoo can you put in a bit of overtime, I fancy a holiday soon.
Who would of thought outside politics you could earn that muc money by telling so many lies.
The daily mail strikes again.
The figures can't be relied upon because they don't take into account the vast amount of time that people from the north have to spend on complaining.

Whether it's about depleting fish stocks, wind farms, post office closures, cuts in bus services etc...the northerners have to spend upwards of 13 hours a day complaining.

If you take this into consideration, I think north and south are about on par.
who cares???????????????
Congratulations, you work a lot harder than I do, and are taxed a lot more than I am. Well done!
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I'm going to put my house on the market , and head north of Watford
What are these numbers - average tax paid?

So the highest earners are in the South?

Is that news?

Since when did low pay equate to lazyness?

Stock brokers--- Nurses

Hmmm does anybody else smell a logic bypass?
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the term gross value added is a very useful tool of the office for national statistics,

it measures how much contribution an area makes toward the economy as a whole,

presumably the performance of an area is attributable directly to its inhabitants,

i agree that low pay does not relate necessarily to laziness, i know quite a few very well paid lazy people, they tend to be clever though which helps,
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work harder in the south

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