Wives of Heads of State

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Caribeing | 19:17 Fri 28th Mar 2008 | News
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Carla Bruni wife of French President Sarkozy has been more newsworthy than her husband which other wife of prominent leaders do you think had charisma sex appeal etc. I always enjoyed seeing Jackie Kennedy for her style and {tolerance} I thought Cherie Blair lacked Charisma! Your Views!!


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Denis Thatcher was sexier than his wife
To much attention is attached to image nowadays. Young, goodlooking, glamorous.

What we need are politicians who can do the job even though they may no be all that young or photogenic.

We do not elect their partners, so they should take a back seat not try and out-shine their political partners.

I as fed up with the media trying to tell us that we have all taken the French President's wife to our hearts.

She has got a rather questionable background, and if she was an ordinary woman she would be viewed somewhat less favourable. Designer clothes doesn't make the person.

Gordon's wife does not get much attention unless she is standing next to a beautiful women. Cherie had a large mouth with a voicebox to match.

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Wives of Heads of State

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