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B00 | 19:27 Thu 27th Mar 2008 | News
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Not sure how many people know of this story, but as it happened very close my hometown to me it has really touched everyone local here and at last justice has been served. The remaining boy who denied murdering Sophie has been found guilty.

Some times judges DO get it right! /article3633415.ece


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Hi Boo, yeah, this was a sickening story! Mindless.
Now if only his mother could also be incarcerated for laughing throughout the police imterview...
Question Author
I'm just glad her mum has got some sort of justice out of this. She comes in to our place shopping occasionally, an truly looks ill from it all.
That is shocking.
Bet the Mother is not laughing now.
Juries not judges surely????

Another piece of chav filth off the street. Just a couple of million to go!!!

I hope he shares a cell with a 6 foot 7, built like the proverbial s**t house, black gay guy called Bubba who has a liking for young white boys and watersports. 247

Direct from Lancs Police.........newspapers always put a slant on things.
I'm glad the scum have been found guilty,I hope the judge hands down a really long sentence!
Question Author
Oh right- juries then stop nick picking wardy! ;-)

But yes, am in agreement re your last comment, I hope the same goes for all of them that were involved. We've been following the story and reading about it in our local papers (only happened in the next town to me) an when the ambulance arrive the paramedics were unable to identify whether she was male or female, the attack was that vicious.

Awful waste of a young life.
Have you seen the movie "The Outlaw" with Sean Bean??

With stories like this, and places like Cardiff fouling our once green and pleasant pastures, I can foresee vigilante mob-rule becoming a reality in a town near you soon.

The police fail us, the courts fail us, this putrid Labour government aren't interested unless you are foreign.

Scary though methinks, but at the same time I could captain them to achieve maximum torture and filth-clearance.
I seem to remember the film Soylent Green showed a horrifying vision of the future.

It is a bit old now, but still worth watching as some of the things shown on it are coming true.

Rich people living in secure areas protected by security guards, the low life living in slums protecting their property with armed guards, people living in cars, crime on the streets.

Its all coming true, read more here
I put an append relating to this case just 5 entries down from this one

More from the binge drinking culture 2279.html
I wish people would not make the association with animals. Animals are just that. They are reacting on instinct. They do not think or have the ability to reason unlike these "humans". They have no excuse for their behaviour other than they are just plain evil. They are not willing to do anything to anyone who does not fit there standard of what their tiny minds consider to be normal. They're only excuse, if it can be called that, is that they have equally pointless, evil parents who gave them no moral guidence and should now be facing charges of child abuse.
Sophies parents will be let down by an inadequate jutice system that will see to it that these morons will be pandered to and given every opportunity to get the best that this soft and useless prison system has to offer. Whats the betting they will get little more than 10 to 15 years.
PS sorry that should read "They are willing to do anything to anyone who does not fit there standard of what their tiny minds consider to be normal."
Question Author
Yeah agree tigerlilly- i also dislike it when scum like these are called animals.

yeah the jury got it right but it's usually the judges and their pathetic sentances that let us all down. Let's just hope that they dish out a long, long prison sentance.

I agree they are scum. They go about in their pathetic little gangs thinking they're hard men, making life a misery for good law abiding folk. As for the mother laughing it makes you wonder about the mentality of some folk.

Sadly we're hearing more and more stories like this. Something needs to be done and fast,

the only action that needs to be taken is bring back the noose they would think twice before their actions if they thought that they would ultimatley die themselves.
Yes they were found guilty, but the punishment wont fit the crime. They should be put to sleep or kept locked up for the rest of their natural life. How the police keep their hands off scum like this I dont know.
Justice, would be to lock him in a room with the girls family.
Lonnie, the thing is the families of Sophie and her boyfriend are civilised, morally sound poeple who wouldn't lower themselves to such evil things.
They are better, far far better than that.
However I think that the parents of these creatures should be punished as well as their off spring. Maybe taking any other chuldren they might have into care a forcing steralization on them. Taking away any benefits they might be getting and never allowing them to claim anything again not even NHS treatment.
speaking as a parent, I wouldn't much like the idea of going on trial for anything jno jnr might get up to. Nobody is really responsible for the actions of their children beyond the age of 14 or so. I'm happy at the verdict, and not much bothered about the sentence. I don't approve of the death sentence (has it brought an end to murder in the USA?); but 20 years or so inside would be fine.
Question Author
Agree with jno- I've brought Teen Boo up knowing right from wrong an hopefully with the right set of morals, however if she acts out a crime would that partially be my fault?

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