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Bazile | 22:51 Thu 10th Jan 2008 | News
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With Marks & Spencer announcing a nose dive in profits for December , I saw the following in one of the daily papers , today

A cartoon , showing a graph with the heading ' Profits December ' - with the graph line in the form of a stream of water sloping steeply from top to bottom of the graph - and the caption -

' This isn't just any slump in profits - this is an M&S slump in profits'

Seen / read / heard ,anything recently, that made you chuckle - just a bit ?


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Never saw the cartoon, but that would have made me chuckle too ! Nice one.
Saw an M&S lorry, with the back absolutely filthy.

Someone had written in it with their finger:

Not just dirt, it's M&S dirt
I saw a van the other day where someone had written in the dirt "I wish my wife was this dirty !"
That made me chuckle !
Also one that always makes me smile. There is an old railway near us with an old platform with the words "Please keep behind the white line or the train will suck you off !!"
Fletcher.5 i have read many of your posts recently. May I say you are a tw@t of the highest order.
I have an excellent remedy to put M and S back on their feet which is simply the message

stop selling the cheapest tat in europe at sky high prices
Matt in todays Telegraph.

Showss a couple. She has newspaper with headline 'Nuclear Fears'. He is coming in through the door looking startled, hair swept back in a line, scarf billowing horizontally from his neck and he is saying...

"There's been at explosion at the wind farm"
Jillius should know that the line under the one on the van usually reads "She is with me...". ings/Jokes/Question476765.html

Just for you Baz... (And anyone else who looks at it I guess).
I laughed hysterically at a dirty lorry this morning that had written on the back, "Dundee FC #1" hilarious!
Question Author

Well !! - i'll go to the foot of our stairs .
And i thought you were a nice Catholic girl :-)

( I thought it was an invitation when i started reading it - fiddlesticks )
Ha ha!

In my defence it was sent to me.... I could never come up with something so rude.

Btw, think you should start a campaigne to get 'fiddlesticks' back in to common use... Think Splat was on the bringing back old words case some time a go. I wasn to bring back 'terribly.'
Question Author
OK - Will you be my campaign manager ?


How about a campaign to get the proper spelling of campaign into proper use.
Question Author
or even - ' ...... the correct spelling of campaign into use '

I thought the convention was not to highlight incorrect spelling on AB , nowadays
How about your champagine manager? I can't spell that either!
Question Author
That's sorted then - just ensure that any
campaign / champagine funds , are properly declared , within the three months time limit .

Oh yes - Can we have some of those cheerleaders , on the campaign bus ?
Question Author
oooh - you are a one

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