Armani Leads The Way In Assaults???

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beryllium | 20:20 Tue 18th Dec 2007 | News
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Well? ticle_id=79052&in_page_id=34 1.stm

I'm not usually a 'stop selling' these clothes.... but it is a taste of things to come???

Blimey.... armed robbers wont need their mums old tights anymore lol


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I would be quite intimidated if confronted by a group of people wearing those things.
What's the connection between the two stories?

I don't think the kent woman was attacked by an "Armani thug" was she?
Question Author
No Jake, no connection.

It's now a what if ??? her assailants had been wearing these? (don't split hairs btw lol)

Apart from the link now.
I'm still worried that these things are for sale.

It's not going to make it easy to identify the dregs of society that hurt innocent people.

How do you feel about these items being sold Jake please?
I don't think there's much difference in practical terms from many things worn that obscure the face.

Motorcycle helmets or scarfs for example.

In psycological terms there's probably an intent to make them look intimidating but that's exactly the same as many fashions especially punk

Nothing says "I hate you" like a safety pin through the nose.

But then I'm a large martial artist not a small old lady so I don't get intimidated by a couple of 17 year olds in a hoody - I'm probably not the best person to give an opinion
Question Author
Which one of the martial arts are you trained in Jake? :) when I was young I trained in Kung Fu with Neville Wray... yep that long ago hehe.....

I don't see 'hoodies' adopting crash helmets to hide their ugly faces behind lol ;)

I do feel a little intimidated when I see the chavs wearing those new designs. I have started to carry cs with me :( when I don't have my Dobe next to me.

I guess I'm a kill or be killed kind a gal :D xxx sad innit???
I passed my first dan black belt in Shotokan Karate this year.

Motor cycle helmets are probably less of a concern with muggers but I think petrol stations get a bit up tight about them as do banks!

The point is as the police point out there's no law against covering your face.

I'd strongly advise against carrying CS with you if that's really what you're carrying - you *will* be done for carrying an offensive weapon if you're caught.

There are also a lot of legal alternatives. For a start there are those sirens that can't be easily be shut off when the pin is pulled and few muggers are going to hang around with 140db going off.

If you really must have something offensive try pepper sauce in a perfume spray bottle - you're much less likely to get caught than having an easily identifiable CS canister
I already feel intimidated when I see a group of hooded up yooooofs, i'd be ruddy terrified if I saw them wearin those contraptions.

I can't for the life of me think how our elderly generation will view these coats if seen, probably have heart attacks there and then!
They look comfy, wish I'd had one a couple of days ago when it was really cold.
PS I'd be more intimitated by the nervous looking woman with the CS and doberman
Question Author
ahhhh.... and there lies the problem. It is not illegal to cover your face.....hmmmmm......

I know cs is a 5 on the arms offences. When I get the pepper sauce sorted I'll change cannisters. ;D but I will point out that I feel alot safer when I have to walk down through the woods to get somewhere.....

Hugest congrats on the first dan black belt!!! are you in competitions too??? scoose my nosiness lol btw

Hello Lovely B00 :D xxx
I suppose if they 'old peops' drop dead with a heart attack it'll save the 'hoodies' the extra effort on mugging/happy slapping/filming their victims..... :(

Question Author
Lolololol Paulos

love from twitchy xxx ;D
Hoodies are essential northern clothing - it's cold here
'lo Beryl sweety :-) xxx

The more I look at that picture the more intmidating it looks! It's all very well Jake saying he wouldn't be scared to walk past teens wearing those, but that's easily said coming from a karate expert bloke. I'm a 5'1 woman and i know for a fact i'd cross the street to avoid walking past 'em.

And yeah, it would save 'm the bother of having to rough up an old dear for her pension money if she keeled over on the spot eh?
I'm a little past competitions - not fast enough for the twenty-somethings.

I don't think passing laws to stop people dressing in certain ways because it frightens some other people is a good way to go.

It seems you want to make it illeagal to dress a certain way but make it legal to carry CS

There is a certain problem in that don't you think?
No Jake, I don't see anything wrong with Beryl, or indeed anyone who feels vulnerable carrying CS, however i'm aware that is just my personal opinion.

To me there's a vast difference between using it to defend yourself against a would be assailant and using it intentionally as a weapon against a victim.
Question Author
No. No problem. In fact I rather like the idea of us oldies intimidating them for a change.....

The law isn't always fair is it??? balance them thar scales I say!!!
I can't stop thinking of this sketch - sorry girls

lol paulos, ya cheeky bu88er, i'm only 37, not in my dotage yet!. Though I haveta admit, beating the crap outta yoofs when I do reach that certain age has its appeal :-)
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Question Author
I think that should be shown in schools as a public information film ;)
The problem with the CS is as soon as one granny gets away with carrying it for defence, criminals left in any doubt gets hold of it for attack

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