Armani Leads The Way In Assaults???

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beryllium | 21:20 Tue 18th Dec 2007 | News
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Well? ticle_id=79052&in_page_id=34 1.stm

I'm not usually a 'stop selling' these clothes.... but it is a taste of things to come???

Blimey.... armed robbers wont need their mums old tights anymore lol


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oh dear 8person.... I see you've got nothing better to do again today lol :D xxx
Beryl, if you ever had to use the spray would you report the results to the police?
I hope you never have to and suggest you don't report
Well Boo I did bring it up for that reason to acknowlege that it's hard for me to totally empathise for that reason.

However paul is right you can't legalise CS and then get upset when thugs start carrying it.

I don't think a law permitting "nice people" to carry it would work too well.

Then there's the risk that if you tried to use it you could well find someone takes it off of you before you get a chance and uses it on you!

I seriously think you would be much better to carry a personal alarm - they really do make an ungodly noise and no rapist or mugger is going to hang around trying to get the pin back in with one going of attracting attention.

But much of personal safety is simply not putting yourself in harms way - most victims of violent crime are young men - they go out get drunk and get involved in fights.

The fear of violence is often out of context for where real risk is - especially for women. Even with the highest estimates there are over 10 times as many incidents of domestic violence as sexual assaults.

The fact of the matter is that you're actually more at risk in your own home and from people you know but even then the numbers are really in the order of a percent or so of the population.

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Paulos, I'd be so incandescent with rage I'd probably want to finish them off.
And I wouldn't go to the police anymore than a mugger would ;)

I have my reasons for my stance on protecting myself.

I think I may treat myself to one of these lol.... stal_embedded_pep.html

This one looks more like it though and is legal :D Self_Defence_Spray.html?gclid=CL-Q4eG3tJACFQ3n lAod33jkFw

A friend had some disguised as a perfume bottle and only remembered she had it with her ... on a flight. Be careful.

My only problem with carrying CS is that I've got so much crap in my handbag that i'd take an age to locate the damn thing in it. Can you imagine saying to a would be mugger "hang on a sec will you whilst I find this 'ere deterrent in me bag- it's in 'ere somewhere, then we can carry on"....?
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I like the red stopper spray.... you can just imagine the tantrums after their precious Armanis ruined.....

I'd keep it in me pocket B00 :D xxx

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Armani Leads The Way In Assaults???

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