Attacker of elderly man gets supervision order

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daffy654 | 15:23 Mon 22nd Oct 2007 | News
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This violent scumbag attacked a 96 year old man for no reason and was filmed doing it,how the heck can the judge get away with giving him a 3 year supervision order? I would think any one with half a brain would realise this man is a danger to people and a non custodial sentence is no deterrent whatsoever. 325.stm


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It beggers belief it really does.No wonder its all going to pot no deterrent whats so ever.It needs stronger judges and laws to get things sorted it really does.
I read this earlier and I feet so sad for the victim, it's unacceptable that a man of that age had to suffer the fear and the humiliation of being attacked. I'm disgusted by the outcome.
Shameful, another Judge who should be sacked.
I bet you if the attacker was a white man, it would be deemed racist and he would deservedly receive a lenghty custodial. However, because the attacker was coloured (no surprise really) he got off scot free. This country is so PC, men of colour can basically get away with murder.

How brave can he be when he is chased off by two schoolboys?

I hope he rots in hell where the majority of criminal immigrant filth belongs.
I agree, black assailant white victim, not a chance. The other way around there'd be a statue erected. This country is finished, and if you are not comfortable with it, get used to it or emigrate.

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I believe the victim was Asian,his name is Shah Chaudury,I think that may be an Indian name. It makes no difference what colour either of them were though,attacking a defenceless 96 year old is as low as you can get.
Daffy that was my point. Black vrs Asian is not deemed racist by joe public (although legally it can be). If it was white on asian, the scumbag would be inside.

PC gone mad.

At first he said he was defending himself ! Then when shown the CCTV he said the pictures had been doctored! And still he gets away with it!
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How many of you would have tried to defend the poor old man? I know from past experience that there is no way I would have stood back and watched it happen. Whether I got hurt or not I would have gone for the man doing the punching.
One thing puzzles me.

Why in heaven`s name did a 96-year-old man have to STAND in a tramway? Surely , even in this day and age,
somebody should have given him a seat?

daffy654 if you had defended the old man you'd have been in deep trouble yourself. Probably deeper that the attacker.
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Not only was he 96 years old tara20,he also walked with two sticks! Hardly anyone has any respect or manners these days.
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I know i'd have probably gotten into trouble but I tend to react before thinking in situations like this. I am only a tiny woman myself and am also not in the best of health,I have launched myself at far bigger and stronger people than myself when i've seen stuff like this happening. I used to work in a pub so was always having to split up fights.I'm amazed I haven't got myself battered or killed
Bewlay Bros/whiffey

Your posts from yesterday were foolish and wrong.

I honestly wish you had the formal and social education to engage in a discussion about race, but I fear the system has badly let you down.

It's not your fault.
I watched the news in disbelief last night, I just could not understand why this person was not given a custodial sentence.
That's just minter being contraversial SP1418, anything for attention. (Cant wait for his "witty" response)
sp1814 - my views are not the same as yours, that doesn't make them wrong.

As to my 'formal and social education' you know absolutely nothing about them.

It's not your fault either.
Maybe the reason for the non-custodial sentence is the government's inability to allow for extra prison places in line with an increasing population?

When you write that black criminals are lauded, you give evidence of your social ignorance.

In this, you are wrong.


Oh yeah!

I'd forgetten all the pseudonyms.
sp, that was just me being bitterly sarcastic, and reflecting the inner feelings of so many people who see the structure of British society being perverted by the idolatry of correctness.

It is just so sad, but as I have said before and still stand by, Britain is f----d.

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Attacker of elderly man gets supervision order

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