Legalise ALL drugs?

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Sweep2k | 17:44 Mon 15th Oct 2007 | News
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Richard Brunstrom, the Chief Constable of North Wales and one of Britain's most senior police officers has called for all drugs � including heroin and cocaine � to be legalised. cle3061121.ece

Class A drug use in England and Wales costs the country up to �17bn a year, 90 per cent of which is due to crime.

He argues that prohibition has created a crisis in the criminal justice system, destabilised producer countries and undermined human rights worldwide

In Scotland, 13,000 people died from tobacco-related use in 2004 while 2,052 died as a result of alcohol. Illegal drugs, meanwhile, accounted for 356 deaths.

He says:

* British drugs policy has been based upon prohibition for the last several decades � but this system has not worked well. Illegal drugs are in plentiful supply and have become consistently cheaper in real terms over the years.
* The number of drug users has increased dramatically. Drug-related crime has soared equally sharply as a direct consequence of the illegality of some drugs. The vast profits from illegal trading have supported a massive rise in organised crime.
* The ABC classification of drugs is said by the RSA Commission to be indefensible and is described as "crude, ineffective, riddled with anomalies and open to political manipulation". Most importantly, the current ABC system illogically excludes both alcohol and tobacco.
* Mr Brunstrom says: "If policy on drugs is in the future to be pragmatic not moralistic, driven by ethics not dogma, then the current prohibitionist stance will have to be swept away as both unworkable and immoral. Such a strategy leads inevitably to the legalisation and regulation of all drugs."

Do you think there's any merit in what he's


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Sorry, that was "pierced.....getting your private parts PIERCED"
Question Author
I'm not saying it is. It was just an example of the inconsistency.

Pot holing is far more dangerous than taking a pill or smoking a joint and yet they're illegal and pot holing isn't.
Sorry Sweep, I was being facetious.
I actually agree with you. Far more people die each year from alcohol and tobacco related deaths than from drug related deaths.
But alcohol and tobacco are nice, taxable drugs.
I used to take drugs recreationally before I started competing and I'm definitely not dead. I hate it when people generalise about drug taking without knowing the full facts. I also agree with you that it's annoying when people have to be rescued (at the cost of the taxpayer - sometimes running into hundreds of thousands of pounds) from mountaineering / potholing / round the world sailing and no-one thinks to criminalise this because it's socially acceptable.
I would agree with legalization but won't that encourage
druggies to come to the UK ?
The principal behind reducing UK crime by legalizing drugs is fine with me. I'm not bothered by people ingesting things that may be harmful, as long as they're clearly aware of the risks, as with anything these days. Taking drugs doesn't bother me, but supporting crime does.

Is he suggesting government controlled sale? Who will they be importing from? The Columbian criminal cartels or manufacturing it all themselves? If not are they happy for previously criminal dealers (still dealing with a foreign criminal underworld) to suddenly become rich overnight?
I agree with trigs and Nick. They've put the points so beautifully I don't feel the need to rephrase what they have pretty much already said.

But I'd be interested to know what the stats on drug related crimes are in countries where drugs are legal. And who they buy them from.
I agree with Waldo, My last reply was absurd, but relevant, under the present reasoning, if something which at present is against the law, but is so rife, that because of ineffective policing and punishments, they deem it out of control, legalise it, its now not a problem.

Just go after the easy ones, drivers, smokers, rubbish on wrong days etc.
you are super nick! i agree. I have also taken drugs recreationally.
I have always said that all drugs should be legal or even just decriminalised. cannabis should definately be legal.
Heroin should be prescribed to addicts instead of methadone. (which rarely works in getting off) This was done a long time ago here, there are a few people in uk who have this and its been happening in sweden for the last 20 yrs or so. It works, addicts are able to lead a normal life, get a job, a home etc. they are then able to gradually reduce the dose over a number of years and get off the drug completely. even if they dont even get off it still cost less to do this than continuously putting them in prison for committing crime to get it. uptake of heroin amongst teenagers in sweden is much lower than in uk. this would make everyone lives better.

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Legalise ALL drugs?

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