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carsonking | 20:16 Sat 06th Oct 2007 | News
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He says that there wont be an election this year or next, who said this country wasn't turning in to a junta. the horrid little dictator is going to turn this country into a European puppy. Its a shame Cameron is such a tw4t.


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Ever seen a Scottish Chicken ?
Here's a link to it, rticle&f=uk_-_olgbtopnews&t=4023&id=6610973&d= 20071006&do= =ma&lc=en&ae=windows-1252

He was obviously shaken by the latest polls, as I said on an earlier thread, the mans a Schmuck.

He'll continue with Blairs policy of ruining this country, and as for Cameron, lets just hope he keeps to the confernce agenda, somehow, over two years, I doubt it, but if he does, he'll have my vote, but for now, its just wait and see.
What the F**K are you on about carsonking .
Any leader - Labour or Conservative will go to the polls when they consider the time is right

There is no reason to call an election now , under the constitution , so why should he call one , if the indicators are not in his favour

As for dictator , just count yourself lucky you are not living in
Burna or somewhere similiar

Right - I'll go and have my KFC now
Question Author
He said he was going to have an election, he lied, yet another lie coming from this labour junta government, if we had some minerals in this country, we would be marching on the houses of parlement and demanding election. As for it 'the time is right' bit, thats what the Burma government has been doing for years, every junta has to start somwhere, they don't appear over night, maybe the chemicals in your KFC are frying your brain.
Like I said what the F**K are you on about ?

Perhaps he wants to make more of a mark before calling an election... It's not like he has an awful lot to fear from the tories at the moment. Polls or no polls...

In the meantime


Hi Baz, long time no pixel? You going to eat all those chips?
Hi China - como estas ?

Chips were horrible - they dont taste the same , re-heated , after being bought .
Only had a small portion - honest
Sorry carsonking.

Good ta... just going off to get my second glass of red, a bit of sticky toffee pudding and check on the laundry (it's hedonistic here I tell ya). Ewww, can't believe you re-heated them, nasty... I only really like the corn on the cob anway!
Yes - I really did re- heat them - and it's not the first time .
I never learn :-)

Apple crumble is my weakness
Careful of them stairs , when you reach your 4th glass :-) Question463836-2.html

Last page... don't want to get in trouble for making small talk in News on serious threads!

Sorry again Car.
China Doll, when you sobered up, was it love or awe?
Oh bum.... do you know I don't remember! I think love.
The Stepford Wives, Cameron and Osborne,Who in their right mind wants them running the country!!
Well said sambro. In my opinion all potential Priministers promise the world and deliver sod all. But, since Gordon has been in power he has righted some of Tonys wrongs and has pretty much got on with doing the job correctly. I just wish someone would bloody well address the immigration issue with some seriousness and urgency. There are people bringing deadly diseases into this country which is costing the tax payer millions, not to mention spreading infections. We should take a similar stance as New Zealand and Oz by closing the gates and being bloody careful who we let in this country. I know Gordon has tightened immigration control, but thats not the half of it.
carsonking is right, but surely David Cameron should step down, in favour of Iain Duncan Smith, as it must be his turn to become Prime Minister.
His military background is impeccable and he would soon put paid, to all those rabble rousing lefties, who seem to be everywhere, including this site.
He has the personal backing of William Hague, what a dream team that would be, the Conservatives returned to power, in a massive landslide victory.
The only ones that make any sense are UKIP
Definitely love!

He's a POLITICIAN and they LIE and people like most of you on here actually vote for them - I know who I blame!!
UKIP are the BNP in suits.
Did Brown ever explicity say he was going to call an election? As far as I can remember, this was all speculation on the part of the press. Brown hinted at a possibility (and also indecision), and he's now come to the decision that there isn't going to be one. That's a long way away from lying. And I'd also like some evidence that Brown is a 'horrid little dictator'.

I think he should have called an election, but I can understand that he wants to establish himself further as PM. Besides, he'll hardly be the first postwar premier to have served a term without calling a general election (Callaghan and Major both did, for instance).

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