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DrBlockbuste | 02:52 Thu 27th Sep 2007 | News
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You can petition Gordon Brown here on troops ! html

Note: Dr Meryl Nass , renowned authority in US has signed at position 4 :wink:

Please sign Dr Blockbuster's petition


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Hmmm, i wont be signing any petition.
I agree that our troops should be there...
You really, really ought to read links before commenting Mr Ben!

or People might think you jump to conclusions!

MrBen - Why do you think our troops should be there? The petition is for Gulf War Syndrome, you know what our troops get when they come back from being there! Please come back and read the link - then sign!!!
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Great thanks to you jake-the-peg, 4GS, MAMA KIN.

16 signatures and rolling !!!

As Leslie Crowther used to say : "Come on Down ........"

Please sign the petition !

Ahh but Mama Kin, is it a recognised condition?
I know many people in the army and they do get a bit depressed when they get back, but that is part of the job.
On your other point i think our troops should be posted wherever our country sees fit to post them. They are there to stabalise the handover to the Iraq government. This is not a 2 year job, it will take years.
Just as an insight into Iraq, if we stopped still for maybe a hundered years or so, they still wouldnt catch up with us.
There are people out there who say we shouldnt have troops altogether and that everything should be settled diplomatically.
Those sort of people are the reasons why we need to send troops to these rogue nations...
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Ah MrBen5 ... I am sorry to see you are not suitably informed on Gulf War Syndrome.

Why don't you listen to Valentina here: html

Signed 17 and rising
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Thank you milliezoe


Dr Blockbuster
Question Author
Thanks Andrea.

Very kind!


For the unsigned here's the petition again: html

and here's Valentina to keep you up to speed: html
No.19, a very worthwhile petition you've got there, good luck.
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Thank you jiggy-gb ! Very kind!

Have you seen who's atop the roll call on the film mission acy-roll-call.html

Not many people get calls from him!

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Whose going to break the 20 please!!!

Question Author
Day 2 here ... :smiles:
Oooh, I'm 21 who didn't declare themselves?
Question Author
Thank you miacat. Thank you indeed!

I like this momentum :smiles:
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Day3 ... Dr Blockbuster just saw - Halo 3 - 612,845 players online!

Good afternoon!

Have you signed my petition!
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Day 4 ... :wink:

Please tell Gordon Brown what you think by signing the petition!

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