New Labour conference.....

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Loosehead | 12:41 Mon 24th Sep 2007 | News
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Why has my town, probably one of the most Tory in the country, been invaded by New Smegging Labour? Surely there's a Northern dump somewhere they could use! Who get's to pay for the policing of these mass party p1ssups anyway? my council tax is off the bl00dy scale as it is! Rant over!


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I'm confused Loosehead - why does such a Tory heartland have astronomical council tax bills?

Some mistake surely!
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It's because Labour cut funding in the South to give to their mates oop North. It also doesn't help have a load of Lib dems on the council, still we got rid of most of them last council elections. I know I know I can't explain how they even got on the council, I think the voters round here only seem to turn out for General elections. Anyway Jake can you have a go at answering the question.
Policing for all party's conferences is paid for by central government, not you.
It makes sense, Loosehead. New Labour are more Tory than the Tories.
Well I think the Tories have had a few conference Oop North in Blackpool before now.

Perhaps it's just Democracy in action - Enjoy :c)
UKIP having their party conference in a telephone box in Newton Abbot.
If new labour are more tories than the tories, why would the right wingers ever want to get rid of them?

Or did I miss something?
I don't think you missed a thing China Doll. To some people the word 'Labour' will always mean the be all and end all of parties, regardless of policies. And to some others it is the Anti-Christ, again, regardless of policies, just that word 'Labour' again!

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New Labour conference.....

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