looks like they have found rosemary??

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Agent_Smith | 11:44 Mon 24th Sep 2007 | News
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That is sad. If I had children who went missing, I don't know if it would be worse if their body was found or if they were just missing without a trace, and you never knew if they had lived or died :(

such a shame .....feel so sorry for all the family ..
Yes it is very sad and the family have to cope with this as she left after an argument but we don't know the full facts yet.I don't know how I would feel .I think I would prefer to know what happened it would put my mind at rest and also be able to say goodbye.
Very tragic!

As for how I would feel I think I'd rather have a body found than to sit in torment for days, weeks, months or years without ever knowing what became of child!
What a sad conclusion to the search for young Rosemary.
Her poor family .
Very sad. I was so hoping there would be a happy ending.
very very sad. I know its of very little comfort to the family at the moment but the police have said that there are no immediate signs of any fowl play.

Come on now! They didn't say it WAS her, there's still hope that she may be alive.
Its so tragic. Another young person taking their own life. Poor girl.

My thoughts are with her family

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looks like they have found rosemary??

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