if you live by the sword......

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helpmetoo | 13:15 Mon 27th Aug 2007 | News
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ok a bit radical but effective,
a one month amnesty for these wasters who have guns in their possession,
then if found with one....
they are lined up against a wall and shot with it,
qiute simple,
dont want to die?
neither do we, so give up the guns!

these people are absolutely no use in a civilised society and their demise will be a benefit to us all

there can be no mitigation by the lefty lot in society for these people,

starting here lets clear the rubbish


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Hmmm, unfortunately we dont have capital punishment here any more so i doubt if that will deter them.
Basically, its mostly foreigners who come over here with their way of life and have no respect whatsoever for anyone or anything.
The only way to tackle this crime is to re-introduce the 'old style' stop and searches, whereas the police may stop and search you for weapons, regardless of your ethnic background, without the fear of being labelled a racist.
Mandatory sentences need to be re-introduced and enforced by the judges who have these weapon toting individuals put in front of them.
It wont solve it, but it will be a start...
These foreigners? Are you sure??? For how many generations do you ave to live here to be deemed not a foreigner Ben?

I don't agree with the shot with it bit but I do think that people carrying these weapons should be treated like they were intending to use it and go to prison for a very long time.
I think the gun problem is mostly down to the drug problem (heroin, crack etc).

I think if we came down HARD on the drug problem the gun problem would reduce.

Caught smuggling drugs into the UK - life imprisonment.

Caught seling drugs to pusher - 25 years

Caught selling drugs on the street - 10 years
While I hate the scum who carry and use guns, the idea of shooting them has one failure.

If someone knows they are going to get shot / hung or whatever if they are caught carying a gun then they are going to do everything to avoid getting caught.

They will then blast away at anyone or anything who comes near them to arrest them, which means even more innocent passers by (and police officers) will lose their lives.
Basically Goodsoulette, if you have any street wisdom about you, its easy to see that most crime carried out with weapons is implented by foreign visitors/immigrants.
These bring with them their way of life and seem to think that its ok to act like they do where they originally came from.
Everyone (except the odd one) who reads this knows what i mean. Whether you live in London, Manchester or in your own little do-gooder street, its the same people commiting the crime.
The prisons are full so they leave them out on the streets.
People are whimperimg about kids getting fat, etc. but is it any wonder when parents are trying their best to keep them in doors by buying them anything they can to keep them in to ensure their safety.
Police need to be given powers to stop and search , regardless of religion, colour, etc.
All this crap about statistics and not being able to stop so many froma certain minority, etc is giving these people free reign to rule the streets...
Hmmm, they are a little harsh penalties
What happens to these innocent people who get drugs planted on them?
I dont think its all drug related, most is a status thing.
There has always been gangs in areas and your never gonna cure that issue, but you can cure the issue of weapons.
Like you say, its no good shooting them, because then it will be like USA where they will just shoot at anything to get away and more innocent people will be caught up in it...
Actually Ben, in my do gooder town its the scummy little chavs.

In London immigrants/foreign citizens commit 20 percent of crime. From what I can see its not the majority!
What ho ! Innocent people having drugs planted on them ?!?

Do tell..........
Ahhh but goodsoulette, go back to statistics and find the figures for crime with a weapon.
I know a lot of crime is committed by others. You have your junkies, fighting at the weekend, etc. but most is just the usual English way of life.
Weapons have never been part of our lifestyle. I used to go abroad and fight with rival football supporters, but we never used weapons even though they did.
Its a shame that this country seems to be turning into what millions of our ancestors fought for and lost their lives to prevent...
If you and your family had been at the complete mercy of mad warlords with the ability to have you or them raped/maimed/murdered; if you have never been certain quite where your are going to find your next meal; if you have had to fight using 'any means necessary' to get from day to day.............
........ will you continue to conduct yourself as you did in your homeland, with the revenge/vendetta/respect codes culturally ingrained that have enabled you to survive ?

Or will our 16-year old skate-boarding Community Support Officers strike fear into your heart and make you lay down your arms?
Over the past week there have been three high profile murders of white people committed (at least in two of the cases I've read about, and in the third police are looking for a white teenage subject) and yet 'foreigners' are seen as the root cause.


I urge anyone who holds this manifestly dopey idea to take a trip to some housing estates in Glasgow, Liverpool, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester.

What people fail to grasp (conveniently) is that there are more factors to gun crime than race.

Much more.

Poverty, poor schooling and poor education are factors too.

The police are looking for a white teenager in connection with the murder of Rhys Jones.

Must be the fault of 'foreigners'.
SP1814 , i said it just wasnt foreigners. I meant it was the majority who carry weapons. Of course a lot of crime is committed by white people.
The problem is you havea lot of polish, bulgarians, etc here now who openly carry weapons in their countries.
My point was that a lot of police are afraid to search people nowadays in case they get labelled a racist/victimisation. By that i meant that police wont stop certain people in fear that they will be investigated and a black mark against their name.
I know where i live, people carry knives around and know they can get away with it because they are repeat offenders and know they wont get stopped by the police and searched (And they are white people) because they know that they can get them done for victimisation.
You seem to interpret my posts wrong all the time and think that they target 'certain communities'.
The fact is that most weapon using individuals are foreign, and they know they can manipulate the system to their advantage...
Well as long as you weren't using weapons whilst going abroad to fight with rival football supporters it is utterly admirable. I can only hope when my son starts attending football matches on his own and he acts like a violent braindead fool after, he takes your lead and only uses his fists or his foot to cave some guys head in.
Exactly Goodsoulette, you need to teach him not to carry or use weapons. He puts himself in danger if he has one.
thats the first bit of useful advice i have seen you put in this news section...
Or Ben, I could teach him that fighting over supporting a different effing football team is meathead stupidity!

You are showing yourself to represent everything I could possibly fear he could grow into.

Huh? I am sure many people on here have done things in their life which they wouldnt do now.
I didnt fight because it was a rival football team, i just did as it wouldnt have looked good on our country if i had ran away and told my mum.
If your son followed in my footsteps he would make a great man.
And hopefully you will teach him to stand up for himself and make his own mind up on things.
Just out of curiosity Goodsoulette, what would you say if you or someone else found a knife on your son?
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My son is 6 lol so I would be shocked to know where the hell he got it from. In the future, who knows, my gut instinct is that I would take him down the police station.

Fighting over football makes our country look good????? When I Was a kid in the 80s I grew up believing it made us look bad but again thats not only a female but a female child interpreting the news poorly.

I have a brother who is a big guy, he always walks away from a fight. He never gets involved, but then I suppose thats the way he was raised. Plus him being tall and well built he doesnt have that small man syndrome thing going on.
EVERYBODY who shoots or stabs, be they 13 or 63, KNOWS that is is wrong. The punishments should be made exemplary. I don't accept all this crap about social deprivation, poverty, etc. Killing is wrong, and they full well know it.

Can you just clarify - the murder of a white child by a white suspect is the fault of foreigners?

Have you ever thought that it might be down to more than just race?

Education, job prospects, housing, levels of you see any of these as being a factor.

I ask, because as far as I can tell, every gang related murder has one thing in's never by someone from a middle class or upper class family.

Perhaps that's the common thread.

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if you live by the sword......

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