20%+ of london crime by foreigners

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helpmetoo | 18:00 Tue 14th Aug 2007 | News
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ok you lefty lot,
you insist they a very small percentage of the population,
the officiial figures are out now,
consult the daily mail (yes the demonic one!)
more than 20% of crime in london is committed by foreigners,
confirming what all sensible citizens already suspected,

of course their attendance in our country ' is a benefit'

well they keep the police and the courts busy at least


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spose the view is that we dont have enough criminals in this country,
these immigrant criminals are helping us by committing the crimes that our resident criminals cant be bothered with
The report defines 'foreigners' as "first-generation immigrants, those of an exotic ethnicity and UK nationals who either have been to a foreign country on their holidays or tan easily in sunny weather."
I live in Thailand. Under Thai law, everytime I go to work I break the law, as my office is on the 12th floor and the registered address is on the 15th floor. Therefore I, and every other Brit in Thailand (we all have the same issue) breaks the law every single day. That is apart from when we actually break the law for real. You will find that a majority of Brits abroad break the law, frequently. The most obviously for me are the late middle aged early retirees who live illegally, who indulge in all that is seedy here.

If you have no income and you beg, you break the law. So, what is left? Breaking the congestion charge rules.

Stick your small minded prejudices into the logo of newspaper that supported Hitler.

Be fair Helpmetoo where would we be without tens of thousands of immigrant criminals and rapists?

Crimewatch UK would have to close down

I have to say - despite myself, your second post made me laugh out loud.

I can foresee a situation where the London-based criminal fraternity start writing letters to the Daily Mail complaining of reduced opportunities due to the number of foreign criminals undercutting them.

How am I supposed to feed my kids when I turn up to a house in Kensington to find it's already been burgled?

Yes, I know that Polish burglars can do the job quicker, and create less mess, but they haven't been properly trained in British burglarly techniques.

Last week, I turned up to a house in Grosvenor Square to find that not only had a gang of Polish burglars done the job, but they'd also nicked the householder's car!

I ask you...what's an honest thief like me to do?

It's political correctness gone mad
Oh...on a more serious note - I'm pretty sure that whilst nationally, only 6% of the population are born abroad, the figure for London is more like 28% (I'll have to dig out those stats - it came from the last census).

So speaking mathmatically - the foreign criminal fraternity are actually underachieving.

Also, quite slyly - the Daily Mail forgets to mention that the figure of 20% isn't broken down by the number of repeat offenders.

For all we know, it could be the same three fellas from Brataslavia...who are probably knackered from all the crimes they're committing.
Hmmm, next you are going to say the other 80% is commited by muslims...
sp1814, i have to admit that your burglers letters are brilliant, best laugh i have had in ages, many thanks.

You're welcome!

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20%+ of london crime by foreigners

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