livingstone- is he being deliberately provocative?

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helpmetoo | 10:26 Mon 13th Aug 2007 | News
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livingstones latest plan to improve london... read on if youre from elsewhere this loaded pc regime is coming to you soon!
in an apparent racist move against the majority he proposes making it easier to do 'the knowledge' by supplying motor bikes and protective clothing in order to become a 'black cabbie' in london...wait for it....
to ethnic minorities only,
well i dont know about you but when i or a loved one chooses a hackney cab over a private hire minicab i do it for the following reasons,

the driver has lived here long enough for a police check to be meaningful,
the driver understands me and me him and i can relax and let him do the driving and navigating,
the driver has many years experience of driving on the left hand side of the road,

all these issues contribute towards passenger safety and confidence and diminishing their importance will ruin the worldwide reputation of londons cabbies as the pinnacle of their trade.....have you been to new york?!

the job is skilled but simple....
take the passenger IN SAFETY by the best means to their destination,

ken, ken..... NO PC COMPROMISE!

vote here for safe cabs everywhere X


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Can find anything about this anywhere, not even the Daily Mail. Any chance of a link?

Personally, I get in a cab because it will take me where I want to go, I do not scrutinise the colour of the driver before I get in. Driving is a simple job and an ideal one for a recent immigrant. Taxis are highly regulated and I know that when I get in one that it will be safe.

If, this scheme is barred to white drivers, then that is wrong. Again, a link to the info would be useful.
I agree with Gromit, I think the motorcycle loan is a great idea but deffo better off if it was means tested.
Agree that it should be open to all.

Can't find anything on this either.

But then again it is Monday.
I think it's called positive discrimination, but whatever it's called, it's discrminination and wrong wrong wrong!!!
Recently, I had to ask a cabbie to stop talking on his mobile phone. I don't think he understood me!
Question Author
it was the major topic on 'talk radio' throughout last night
I thought TalkRadio had been relaunched as TalkSport. urn_of_Talk_Radio

I can't find anything about this on line either.

You sure you weren't dreaming?
I thought talking on mobiles as you drive was illegal, Aquagility? If you're talking about a black cab driver, report him, it's dangerous. If you mean a minicab driver, they don't have to have the knowledge.

I once used to live 100 yards off Edgware Rd, a major London thoroughfare, and took a black cab home late every night. In two years I found exactly three drivers who'd heard of my street. So I don't place too much faith in the knowledge. All cabbies really know is how to get American tourists from the Ritz to the theatre and back, and demand a fat tip.
Dreaming of Livingston would bring a whole new meaning to the thread title... deliberately provocative? Sexy.

I always feel very important in a black cab. No idea why!
If Ken really had said anything like that, it would be all over the net. There is nothing. I suspect that is not true.
Good old Ken. You can always rely on him to get up your nose, on your nerves and Just about anywhere else he can.
Isn't it about time they gave someone else the job.

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livingstone- is he being deliberately provocative?

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