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Reverandfunk | 16:03 Wed 25th Jul 2007 | News
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Am I missing something but did any of the flood victims actually put their possessions upstairs i.e. where the water couldn't get to them?

Every house I see on the news has got the TV, electrical items etc downstairs.


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Well its just a pity that they did not have your ability to see into the future. Most of these people had no warning that it was going to be as bad as it was.

If you have nothing positive to say about those poor people, do us all a favour and shut your mouth.

I wonder if you was in the same position, would you bleet about something so pointless ?
They probably did, unless they weren't in.
Question Author
Ah Neil Zulu such a succinct and intelligent reply.

So you bluenosed [email protected] if you lived in an area close to a river or liable to be flooded would it not occur to you to more some of your more valued/treasured possessions to somewhere safe?

Hmmm, as far as i am aware , they had forewarning of the floods and could have managed to put their most prizely possessions out of harms way.
I dont mean to sound nasty but i think from what i have seen on the news there have been floods in that part of the country loads of times . maybe because people are insured, then they maybe want an upgraded tv, etc.
I think the local councils should be doing more to prevent this from happening and stop spending all their funds on illegal immigrants...
sorry i disagree. When i went to work on friday morning, it was raining; quite heavily, but still just raining. When i came home from work on friday night, (after being held up for 3 hours because of the landslide on the m4), the water was already in the house. Unless you are suggesting that every time it rains i cart all my possessions upstairs, or that i can somehow see into the future then you are talking a load of cack. My area hasn't flooded for at least 90 years, so you could hardly call it prone to flooding and the water wasn't from a river, but just the sheer weight of rainfall that had happened in a short space of time and the drains not being able to cope
It makes me feel great that you are so smug and dry!

In their defence, I think the people who are worst affected are the elderly, or more accurately, the elderly who don't have young relatives living nearby who could help them lug stuff upstairs.

Shocking though isn't it? How the whole infrastructure of a town can go belly-up due to the vagaries of nature. A senior police officer said that parts of Gloucester was only six inches away from having to be totally evacuated.


I never thought anyone could manage to squeeze 'illegal immigrants' into the story about the floods.

I salute your ingenuity sir.

Now...try this one:

Illegal immigrants and...umm...the suicide of Dr Harold Shipman.

See if you can do it in less than three steps...kinda like 'six degrees of separation'.
And if you live in a bungalow?

Or as someone has said, you are elderly or disabled, no relatives to help - how can you manage the heavy furniture on your own?

Or the water rose so quickly there was no time to move anything?
It can't be discounted out of hand that illegal immigrants didn't actualy aid Dr. Shipman in his suicide. I don't know of any proof to the contrary anyway.
Reverandfunk, thanks for your outburst. Perhaps if all those poor people were as pro active as you, then we would not have seen such devastation.

Do you really believe in your sad perfect little world that they left their belongings for the floods on purpose ? Perhaps you work for an insurance company? as you sound like a shallow ( no pun intended) ponce.
It doesn't make good TV filming a house where the occupants have successfully avoided too much damage.
I've just been thinking about the stuff I'd move if we had a flood around here (which is unlikely as we live in Islington in London - it's more realistic to be worried about a museli or organic curly kale). The biggest losses from downstairs would be the washing machine, dishwasher, fridge and oven. All these are fixed in place.

Yes - you could get the telly, DVD player and some smaller items upstairs, but sofas? Sideboards? Stuff like that would be difficult even for young fit people without considerable help.
There's an old guy down the road from us and he's building a great big wooden boat.
I am in my 40s and reasonably fit and strong for a women, but no way could I get the tv, oven, dishwasher, fridge or the sofa upstairs. I could manage the DVD and laptop but that's it. So anyone elderly or with some form of disability or illness would not manage to move any quantity of belongings.
I guess Reverandfunk you must be very young, very fit and have very light electrical goods.
I am in an upstairs flat. Nah nah nah nah Nah. :-)
No sorry it is a really bad thing and I do go with most here that people go out to work and when they got back water had got in. Some places wernt given warning and yes some people are elderly and couldnt get the help in time. I did see one the other day thought in a house where they had ballanced tv on top of a sofa that was on top of a unit, so yes in this instance just take telly upstairs
Or some just want a new telly out of their insurance :-)
Hmmm, i am not saying that everyone had a chance to get out. i am saying that what was showed on the news seemed to be middle aged people who had had floods many times before. It was showing their big 42" plasma, etc, etc. and their nice leather sofa's.
Regarding illegal immigrants SP1814 , if less money was spent on them, more funds could be made available to prevent the damage and inconvenience these floods cause when they occur.
I heard also that there is a center where they are staying and they are refusing to let any 'non-muslim' people in as they wont integrate. This has resulted in seperate places being opened to cater for them. Thus resulting in aide being made harder to reach all in one place.
In times like this, they should be forced to integrate and help each other.
Whats your reasoning behind that SP1814?
Yes Splat, I too would like to hear your reasoning....
Well if we were threatened with a flood the first things I would move upstairs would be photographs, books, videos, DVDs, that sort of thing. Probably the computer (because we've got stuff stored on it), then all other portables, kitchen stuff, food etc. Probably the last things I would be worried about would be the TV and stuff as those are easily replaceable, unlike all the stuff that brings back memories.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I think the Muslim centre thing is a load of old hogwash.

I may be wrong, but it sounds completely made up. Show us the proof.

Also, local councils do not spend any money on housing illegal immigrants.

They spend money on housing asylum seekers who are having their cases investigated.

What would you suggest we do? Sling them on the streets?

Why are you targetting immigrants anyway? Why not focus on the bigger picture which is the millions of pounds which we know is fraudulently grabbed by the indigenous population? The dole scroungers? The big businesses who use tax loopholes to claw back money that should be going to the treasury?

What about all those people who dodge paying VAT by paying their workmen in cash?

Why do people always, always look directly at illegal immigrants? Do you realise that illegal immigrants are the exploited? They're the people who are picking strawberries for supermarkets, cockles for high end restaurants...far from being a drain on society, we're a drain on them.

It's shameful pointing the finger at them...the finger should be pointed much closer to home.

<end of sermon>

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