St Patricks day Vs St Georges day

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Caladon | 03:18 Thu 18th Mar 2004 | News
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As an Englishman, I do get quite annoyed at how the world, but especially England people, celebrates St Patricks day in such a glorious way of drinking etc. Yet non Irish people joining in could be seen as us agreeing that Irish people are drunks, hence the drinking on 17th March?


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I think the modern trend for celebrating St Patrick's Day is pretty much an American invention. Not even Ireland itself makes as big a deal of it as they do. I have an Irish friend who refers to St Patrick's Day as 'amateur night'!
And he was a welshman anyway!
its a load of bolocks innit? just an excuse for the pubs to put a few more pence on a pint of the old black stuff and try to sell you 10 pints of it so you can get a stupid looking hat you're never going to wear again.

none of my irish mates really give a rats ass about it, its only for tourists and part-time drinkers. several people I work with, who normally wouldn't touch G******* had to go out for several pints of it last night, just cos everyone else was. Assholes.
Always fun watching the part time drinkers getting stuck after 3 or 4 pints of guinness....not that you get a decent pint of the stuff in the for george v paddy....the irish and scots and welsh are just a load more fun than the engs....simple....we know how to have a bit of craic without running riot afterward.
If you want to see how St. George's day is celebrated then go to Barcelona.
Me Mum, Mary Kathleen O'Donoghue, says that it's a day to celebrate the wearing of the green without being hung and that it's become a big thing in other countries because most of the refugees from political and religious oppression do not have the means to return to their homeland. Joan, Patrick & Jack don't always agree, cos they're Irish n not sposed to, so we all argue and get drunk and merry. The Irish just don't have the ability to mourn for long and everybody likes to join the shenanigans. Hope this helps.
Actually sft42, putting your casual racism aside, the reason St. George's day isn't so widely celebrated by the English, is that we are made to believe by people like you, that by doing so we are being xenophobic or over nationalist. That's why many of us only feel it appropriate to put England flags up when the England team is in a major championship (that's every two years by the way for all you Scotland supporters). The sooner your racist attitudes are extinguished from the whole of the British Isles, the sooner we can all just have fun and get along with each other.
Actually, Tj if you check your record books you'll find that since 1970 the scots have a better qualification record for the world cup than the engs.

And by world cup I am, of course, refering to the proper sport with round balls not that poncy public school boy minority sport which is basically 15 thugs bashing each other on a pitch which maybe explains some of the recent successes in places like Turkey and France at champoinships there.

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Actually, sft42, your record books appear to be wrong. Mine tell me that since 1970, both the 'engs' (?) and the...err...'scos', have qualified for the World Cup six times. You've also just proved the old saying about lies, damned lies and statistics. Where did the arbitary year of 1970 come from? Oh, of course, if football didn't exist before 1970, England haven't won a World Cup yet. Well, I could just as easily select another year such as 1980, since which England have qualified 5 times compared to Scotland's 4. Or perhaps more significantly 1930 when the World Cup was first held, since when England have qualified 11 times compared to Scotland's 8. I think you may need to get yourself some new record books. I've no idea what you're referring to regarding Turkey and France.
The real reason why we don't celebrate St. George's Day is because the Americans don't make a big deal of it. Believe me - if they did then we'd all be down 'The Red Lion' drinking red and white coloured gins!
It is very annoying because the world knows the scots are bigger drinkers and better fighters! (only kidding) The fact that St Patrick was from Dunbartonshire, just outside Glasgow, is also overlooked.
bloody irish !!! rule britiania eh 1690 ?
Why should America not celebrate part of it's roots as approx 50-60 Million yanks are of irsih decent ?
Question Author
ned, me ole weirdo, and how many millions of americans roots are from england? get it yet?
Putting the rights and wrongs of celebrating St Patrick's Day aside for a moment, on a (fairly) serious note, as a Welsh lady I was very pleased that the campaign to get a bank holiday on our own St David's day was stepped up a notch this year with the introduction of St David's Day parades across Wales. I think that we Welsh, the English and the Scots need to put aside our sporting differences for once and band together to get our respective Saints Day's off work! Let's march on Downing Street!!! Also, as to that 'poncy public school boy minority sport' , sft42 - I think you'll find that Welsh rugby is as working class and inclusive as any sport could be.
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oh dear, i went to a public school and adore rugger.

try walking and protesting at your welsh assembly, rather than downing street. it would look better (seriously), same goes for scotland.

i agree with the need for us to put our differences aside, but it will never happen because of what wales and scotland think of us english and holding on to their countries. but lets not go into that!

i do not want to see national holidays being made out of our respective saint days, but would like to see it celebrated more than how st patricks day is celebrated in england!

its a disgrace that most engish people do not celibrate their national day.especialy the local councils, that cringe at the thought. its almost obsene to be english.

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