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Reverandfunk | 12:33 Thu 03rd May 2007 | News
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God I'm bored...

If you could be a Super Hero which ONE special power would you choose?

Don't worry the ability to wear figure hugging lycra doesn't count.


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that you could delete peoples memories or the people themselves if they got on your nerves enough.
The power to make people always tell the truth. It would be especially useful when interviewing politicians. Not sure what my super name would be - possibly SuPaxman!!
I dont think thered be many people still together if that happens and you might have killed off all humans lol
Not sure who I'd like to be but I certainly would not be Storm from The X Men.

She is by far the most useless of The X Men. I mean, Wolverine is a great fighter with those razor claws, Phoenix can control people's minds and move matter, Rogue call kill with a simple touch...and what can Storm do?

She can bring on a period of slightly unseasonable weather.

Oh're in the middle of a fight to save the Earth and Storm comes along...and makes it a bit chilly.

Her gift is to make her enemies have to put on a jumper and scarf before they pop out. BIG DEAL!

Sorry - had to get that off my chest.

She annoys me.
I would be Mr Invisible - so many lady's showers, so little time ;-)

The only thing putting me off is the old Wonder woman / Mr Invisible joke :-0
I'd have to be a Jedi...

So you would use your powers for evil?

Hang your head in shame sir.
evil - certainly not! I would ensure that all the women I saw were thoroughly checked out!

And I'd use it for evil.
I could win the lottery every time and kill people with a thought.
No one could stop me.

Mwaha ha ha ha ha ha ha...... etc
I would be Loreal woman, and travel the globe curing new born children from the plight that is Gingerness.

I've always thought the ability to stop time (obviously excluding oneself) would be nice.

I wouldn't even bother bringing my costume - if trouble lurks, simply stop time, pop home and change. Tired battling your arch nemesis? Push the pause button and sit down with a cuppa and the paper. Being chased? Stop and stroll away...

You could also use it far more... interactively... than the invisibility power.
sp1814 - yeah... but she's Storm ;D
sp1814, now showing I am an inner geek - I felt the same about the girl from Asia with the heart ring in Captain Planet.

Water - great, Fire - great, Earth - Mmmm, okay, Wind - Superb, Heart - what exactly is she ever going to do with that?
My special power would be stretchy legs and arms in a Dhalsim (Street Fighter) meets Inspector Gadget way, and I would use them on bad guys and people that stop dead in front of me for no reason, excange students, brats, gobby teenagers and spoilt brats, and other annoying people.
I can imagine that one being a lot of fun natalie. Playing a game of 'it' would never be the same again...
To read people's minds
I I knew you were going to say that Cup o' tea!

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