Iran situation critical says Blair

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don1 | 12:38 Tue 03rd Apr 2007 | News
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What's critical about it, the answer is to bomb every mosque and every government building in Iran off the face of the earth.

What is the point of being a superpower if you bow to neanderthals


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We are not a Superpower. We lost our empire 60 years ago.

What's that bit about bowing to you?
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We are not supposed to be a bunch of gutless ******* either, my grandfather didn't give his life at Ipres so that we could bow and scrape to third world people who we keep on our social security money
Sorry, did I miss something? are my hard earned taxes going straight to Iran?
Your Grandfather believed he was fighting The War to end all Wars - then you want start one!
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If you carried out an opinion poll up and down this country, the percentage of people who agree with Don1 would be in the high 80s/low 90s. The silent majority. Silent for how long?
Remember, EVERYTHING was better in the olden days.
yeah but nostalgia ani't what it used to be!
The farther backward you can look,
The farther forward you are likely to see.

Winston Spencer Churchill
You can pick you friends and you can pick your nose - but you can't pick your friends nose.

Booldawg - 'Silent majority'?

Good grief!

Are you serious???
Booldawg - " you cant pick your friends nose"

Good Grief !

Are you serious???

"If you carried out an opinion poll up and down this country, the percentage of people who agree with Don1 would be in the high 80s/low 90s."

The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the electorate.

Winston Churchill
Lets fix the fantastic job that we have done in Iraq first, then we start a new one in Iran.
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Doctor Spock was an American pediatrician and should not be mistken for the fictional character famous for sitting on Captain Kirks right hand
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How long are we going to be stupid enough to put up with this ****.

We invite these people to live in our country at our exspense, at day one we pay them free housing, free health care social security,free education for their children and free university educacation for which they have paid nothing

And what do get in return? they spend there time educating their children into thinking that we are the enemsh ould be

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Iran situation critical says Blair

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