Equal rights for the English

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anotheoldgit | 12:55 Sun 01st Apr 2007 | News
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If you live in Wales you now get free NHS perscriptions.

If you live in Scotland and are studying in Scotland you do not pay Universary fees. In Scotland they also provide free care for their elderly.

Why are the English classed as second class citizens, by not being elegible for the same perks as those living in Scotland or Wales.

I cannot comment on Northern Ireland, because they are just getting their own parliament up and running, but once establised I suppose they will go down the same road, and bring in certain measures that will also be beneficial for their people.

Why do the English continue to put up with these anomalies? Isn't this a valid case of Racial Discrimination against the English people?

There is one option left for us and that is, only vote for English politicians who are prepared to give the English people equal rights, and also support the idea of an English Parliament, or is this being racist?


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you are being racist, if you were english living in Scotland you would not pay university fees, likewise being english and living in Wales you would not pay prescription charges, your question suggests that only english people living in england would recieve these benefits or do you mean ALL races living in the UK to be treated as equals?
Its a fair comment...the Welsh, Scottish and English populace all pay into one pot and yet it seems that concessions are given to first Scotland and Wales but none to England....presume its because those living in England aren't pushing for independance.
Why is it racial discrimination? There are many laws which apply only to Scotland, Ulster, England & Wales and Wales. The Scots and Welsh living in England pay prescription charges so it's not racist.
If your last paragraph means voting for your BNP chums then, yes - you're probably a racist.

So sorry.
When in Rome do as the Romans do............I.
Hi All,
Just one point about free care for the elderly in Scotland.
Yes, they do recieve free personal care but they have to pay for Home Care.
For example. Home Care Workers. Shopping, ironing, cleaning, laundry etc.
They also have to pay if they are in a Nursing Home or Residential Care.
Hate to rub it in but us Scots also get free dental and eye tests. Maybe you should try for devolution too. Nobody in scotland or wales is stopping you.We get our share of the health budget and we decide what we spend it on, I`m sure you will agree that it the fair and democratic way to do things.
where i live in England, if you are under 19 when you start a college course, it is completely paid for?
You just have to pay for your stationary!
I dont think that is them discrimating against us at all!
I think you may need one of those courses in English, wiggal. Its the stationEry you apparentely need to pay for. Or are they charging you for standing still in England also!!
Count yourselves lucky in England that you do not have to pay extortionate levels of Council Tax to prop up a useless Assembly. When the Welsh Assembly was instigated in 1999, my Council Tax for my band C home was just �42 per month. I have just received my bill for 2007/2008 and must now pay �92 per month. That means that I am paying an extra �500 per year.

For those who don't already know, a proportion of Welsh (and presumably Scottish) Council Tax is diverted to run the Assemblies.

So for an extra �500 per year I can have free prescriptions and the elderly can have free bus passes. Hardly value for money.

So think very carefully and look at what has happened to Wales before you choose to have an English Assembly.
I did do a course thanks nanty boy!
So i spelt a word wrong?
I studied Animal Care, passed with distinction, i'm alot happier with that then i would be being able to spell every word in the dictionary correctly!
Hammerhead; I live in England and pay 117.00 a month for a band C house - I'm hardly 'counting myself lucky'
Agree with ahhdundee we do not have a bottomless pit of money we just decide to spend it differently! Swings and roundabouts I suppose, we are better off in some areas and worse of in others!
Hi All.
Live in Scotland. Band B council tax
�124 per month.
Yes your Council Tax may be more than mine, but has yours increased 120% in 8 years?

I'm not complaining about the actual amount. What I object to is what it is spent on.

So booldawg and cruella, let me know if you can, what you were paying in 1999.
Hi Hammerhead
For the life of me I cannot remember the correct figure of council tax that I paid in 1999, but I think it was something like �75 per month. Scotland also paid what was then known as poll tax a year ahead of the rest of Britain. Also, the town I live in has the second highest council tax in Scotland and I have no idea why as it is no better than anywhere else in the country.

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Equal rights for the English

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