We plan to build the ugiest building EVER

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vehelpfulguy | 14:06 Wed 28th Mar 2007 | News
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I see England are going to build the ugliest building ever, the extension to the Tate Modern. 73.stm

Does anyone actually like it ?


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Great, I'll be able to look at it every day on the way to work. What an eysore.
I quite like it.
Well to coin a phrase from Prince Charles, "it's a monstrous carbunckle on the face of humanity"!
i think it'll look alright - everyone said the london eye would be horrible but thats great
there's a fashion for these buildings that look like exploding tin cans - the Guggenheim in Valencia is a famous one and has been very successful as an icon of the city. m%20Volumenes%20delanteros%20vista%20dcha.JPG

There was going to be a similar extension to the V&A but thank goodness it fell through. Can't say I like the look of the Tate one much. n/Pix/arts/2004/07/22/PAspiral3.jpg
I like weird buildings.

Much better than the identikit shoe boxes that pass for new homes.
"Transformers...buildings in disguise..."
I think the term "gothic" was originally used derisively about cathedrals as they were not built in the classical Greek and Roman style.

The implication was that it was the sort of building barbarians would build

Now we think of them as some of our most beautiful buildings.

Takes a few hundred years to get used to something I guess.
Looks like its a marmite building - you're going to either love it or hate it.

That said - I'm the exception that proves the rules - I don't mind it!
I really wanted to like this. I love seeing new and interesting architecture, and I love the Tate Modern as it's right next to where I work. But that artist's impression does make it look pretty dreadful. If and when it's complete and it looks amazing I'll happily eat my words.
I'm all for creativity but I really can't picture this building as an amazing work of architecture.
Maybe they could contruct the extension a little further towards the very back of the building so it's out of the way and well hidden .... those (few) who want to have a look can then go round the back to admire it.
I like it, You can't please all of the people and all that.

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We plan to build the ugiest building EVER

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