11-day undercover operation is highly successful!

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Gromit | 11:23 Wed 28th Mar 2007 | News
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Central Scotland Police said the raid that recovered the stolen goods marked "the culmination of a highly successful surveillance".

Karen Stenhouse is facing a jail sentence.

One of Stenhouse's victims said: "I lost a little old man smoking a pipe and an old lady with a barrow." =/news/2007/03/28/ngnomes28.xml

Anyone agree that now the great Gnome-nabbing scam is ended we can all sleep safely in our beds?


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As a part time Gnome myself I am overjoyed at this news.
Be it a garden gnome or a diamond ring it is still someone elses property.

The criminal was selling the ornaments she stole therefore she intended to make a profit on her crime, and like one of her victims said " she had to come right up the path to near the house" thus frightening her victims.

Theft is theft. Zero tolerance is the answer
Exactly theft is theft! This is almost as bad as the lady that was on GMTV this morning who, at her wedding last month, had a woman pose as a guest and steal a couple of bagfuls of presents!! She was caught on CCTV and it has been on the news so I hope she gets caught and humiliated!!

It's just utterly disgusting!
When I was selling my old flat, I decided I need to 'house doctor' it.

Part of the process was my attempt to dress up the front of the flat with a few pot plants.

Total cost was no more than �30. I put the potted plants out one afternoon, and by the next day, they'd been nicked.

Not a huge crime, no - but incredibly irritating. Who gives someone the right to just go around nicking what they can't/won't buy themselves.

It's not the cost, it's the principle.

Mother of three? Nice example she's sending her kids.
I'm not sure this is the sort of person who should be cluttering up our bursting prisons. Isn't there some way she could just be made to work and reimburse her victims (plus a bit extra as a reminder)?

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11-day undercover operation is highly successful!

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