Have you received any nuisance flyers/mail?

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AB Asks | 12:19 Mon 19th Mar 2007 | News
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A spoof milk bill designed to encourage people to improve their maths has caused confusion and complaints from many people. A number of milkmen complained after three million homes were sent fake bills warning milk prices were set to rise seven per cent. Learn Direct sent out the fake bills as part of a �125,000 scheme. Has anyone received one of these fake bills? Or has anyone experienced similar nuisance flyers like these posted through your door?


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It would help the question if a link could be made to this flyer so we could judge. Is the spoof that prices are set to rise by 7% or that we're expected to calculate the imaginary amount?
I wouldn't say that encouraging further education is a nuisance. And if so many people were confused by the flyers then they obviously need some further education themselves.
I got a nuisance flyer just like that through the door, it was made to look like a pizza menu with lots of deliberately confusing meal deals on it and free delivery for orders over a certain amount. I felt so stupid in not knowing which deal to get to get the best value for money so I've enroled in maths night class.
I haven't seen the leaflets in question, but unless they've made it absolutely clear that they're not real bills, then it sounds like an idea that's about 18% stupider than any other they could have had to publicise the same thing.

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Have you received any nuisance flyers/mail?

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