have you read anything as shocking as this

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Dom Tuk | 17:28 Wed 07th Mar 2007 | News
9 Answers l/home.html?in_page_id=1766 The police have said this happens in our land. How has it got to this. What has gone wrong in this country that people think they can do this and get away with it? Absolutely shocking.


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It is absolutely shocking, I cannot believe that Dec has gained so much weight so quickly.
I've never read anything as shocking as the Daily Mail, no.
As long as there's a market for it, this will happen.

It's been happening for years. (That's in no way an attempt at justifying it. I share the same views as you on it)

This country is dead on it's feet.

It's easy to blame the current government, but who else would you put your trust in. (I can't stand any of them)
What this does, is is show how much law and order has broken down in this country.
is that one of them hugging Prince William? Shocking. But I expect David Cameron will do something about it. After all, fagging at Eton only involved the use of same-sex slaves, didn't it?
Nah, its only natural realy. Given the chance and all that lovely money I'd do the same. Good luck to him. If you don't like it - vote! This is not the place to vent your jelousy.
I could not find which story you were refering to. /news/news.html?in_article_id=440679&in_page_i d=1770

Is this the link you meant to post, because it is more your style, and I think it will provoke more debate.
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no was yesterdays daily mail report about the auctioning of sex slaves at heathrow airport.
yes but look at the up side, they aren't a drain on social services and are providing a service. its gods way of providing a counter action to all the spongers. nice one!

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have you read anything as shocking as this

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