what have we here?

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maxximus | 11:10 Sun 04th Mar 2007 | News
4 Answers ml and why would the media be ignoring this!


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All I want to know is.....

Will this affect the price of tea?

and nuclear disarmanent of Iran? have they got WMD then? lol....
They're doing what they did when David Kelly 'committed suicide' - keeping well out of it.

that's interesting. But I have no idea why nobody else is printing it. It may be, after all, that they've just looked into it and don't believe it.
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' they've just looked in to it and don't believe it ' that's interesting in of itself, it would seem to me, that again we are being played again!! and if something isn't done to stop this farce we will all be guilty of a crime,never mind the perpetrators. just my opinion!

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what have we here?

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