Ipswich ripper

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*ALFIE* | 19:42 Sun 11th Feb 2007 | News
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So whats the story on the Ipswich ripper ? did they ever get the rapist ?


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has this been in the last week? if so i must have missed it. if you are referring to the murders in ipswich a few months ago, yes they arrested someoe, but i dont think he's been on trial yet
You are probably confused on hearing this today 1083.stm
Probably really inappropriate that I find this comment amusing but.....

"We've got two people in custody and will not be releasing anything else.....................................................................................
apart from the name of the deceased, possibly the cause of death and what is going to happen to the people currently in custody." What else could they release?
Stephen Wright from Ipswich has been charged with the murder. He appeared in Ipswich Mags Court on 22 December and it was committed to Ipswich Crown Ct on 2 January when no pleas were entered and it has been adjourned til May. Last week it was reported that he and his barrister have parted company. So either the barrister is professionally embarrassed or has been dis-instructed.

Apologies if this duplicates the links, but every time I try and click on them my machine freezes.
Sorry, I should have said "murders". I meant the murders of the five ladies found in December 06.

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Ipswich ripper

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