why do people want to become Muslims...

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craigiep | 19:38 Thu 08th Feb 2007 | News
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Reports state that more people are becoming Muslims than turning to any other religion. Why do you think that is considering there is so much bad publicity about Muslims?


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Baffles me why anyone likes religion period, all religion brings to a degree is hatred towards other religions which consequently ends in political arguments and war.

I'm not religious {as if you never guest}. you could'nt pay me to listen to the garbage which comes out of the majority of religious leaders mouths.

To many people hide behind religion, these people ain't one bit religious, they just talk bullsh!te and stir up hatred.
1. To **** a snook at authority/British society. This is especially prevalant amongst the black prison population who rightly or wrongly despise white authority and wish to align themselves with an organised "opposition"
2. British women who marry muslims can only marry them if they "convert" to Islam. Usually it's just a paper conversion rather than a spiritual shift but it seems to appease the husband and his family and it's a nice little box to tick on census forms. I can think of two high profile cases of women converting upon marriage and the adherence to Islam only lasting as long as the marriage.
3. People with a genuine spiritual shift. I'd like to see the long term figures on this.
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The way those in authority in this country, politicians, councils, schools, police, etc, bow and scrape to muslems, very soon we will all be saying if you can not beat them , join them.
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the main reason is, with all this boming business going on "in the name of islam" by these lunatics, people are looking into the religion to see why these guys r blowing up innocent people, instead, what they come across is completely the opposite, they like what they see

on the other hand there are those that just listen to what the media tell them (most of which is rubbish) and start to hate islam
IMO It's a case of people giving up religion in general, the figures for other religions are on a downward trend so it doesn't take great numbers of people to join to become "the fastest growing religion".

why not!!!!!!!!!!
Why wouldn't you, in 100 years everybody will be.
I think NickiB has got it dead right in headings 1 and 2.
I think is for purely racial (anti-white)reasons.
Hmmm, i know lots of people who talk about becoming one, as they get treated better and get all sorts of benefits. Also, they say they would like to become one as they would then be able to treat women really bad and get interest free mortgages and loans.
Its something to think about...
I read somewhere, can't remember where sorry, that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West due to immigration and abnormally high birth-rates...
WoWo's pretty much got it to a tee; the only other really major religion/denomination in the UK is probably Anglicanism, which is not only declining, but the rate of decline is increasing. It could well be extinct by 2040. In this light, Islam simply becomes the "fastest growing" without really needing any converts.
I think conversion to Islam or any other religion for that matter, involves a certain amount of mental illness/feeblemindedness.
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Heard once that a man said he was a muslim when he went into prison cos the food was better. How was he to know it was Ramadan?
Is there a statistic as to how many are male? Because I cannot believe any sane woman would convert to Islam.
Well, I think i will put it like this:
We can never be sure if Islam is true or Christianity is true. But common sense and history tells us that Christianity has generally driven society to prosperity and betterment whereas islam has driven socities to barbarity, savagery, tribe mentality.
Anyway it is amazing to see that many people are drawn to this 7th century barbarity --- we never know what people want.
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