Is Labour now scaping the barrel ?? Less beds in hospitals is a sign of success??

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Dom Tuk | 17:00 Thu 08th Feb 2007 | News
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Prepare the MBE application for the spin doctor who came up with this brilliant idea. Hewitt now says less beds in hospitals is a sign of success. /health/healthmain.html?in_article_id=434840&i n_page_id=1774


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Sounds right to me.
Patients are being treated quicker and better,spending less time in hospital. Hence fewer beds required.
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hey looks like Labour will win any snap election held at any time in this country. you get the leaders you deserve and by god you are getting one.
So fewer politicians mean a successful democracy?
reminds me of the 'Yes Minister' episode where they opened a new hospital....there were no patients....therefore the waiting list was ZERO!
Tricky one this...


(cue headache).
I wonder if there is a hidden agenda here somewhere.
I wonder if this government wants the NHS any longer ?

If 90% of all health-care could be sold off to the
private sector, it would pour billions into Gordon
Brown's coffers, while still collecting NHS contributions
from taxpayers. A nice little earner. BUPA won't mind
providing the hospital beds, at a hefty price.

Originally, the NHS was a Socialist dream; now it's
a nightmare. Fortunately it can be made to go away
The number of beds is less important than the occupancy rate of the beds that are there. You (and the D Mail) are counting the wrong attribute.

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Is Labour now scaping the barrel ?? Less beds in hospitals is a sign of success??

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