the great usa war machine

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steve2010 | 19:18 Tue 06th Feb 2007 | News
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tell me why its allways the americans who shoot at our boys and get away with it,FRIENDLY FIRE they call it,having just seen the cockpit video on the news,how must the family feel and our troops,all the best technology in the world in their planes,but they still seem to get it wrong.


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Drugged up that's why...
It's happened before....... 641.stm
hello son,yes its a bit naughty,how many more times will they do it.
It could be because our troops have no IFF on board due to the fact that our goverment will not spend the right amount of money on equipment.

Or it could be because we have no air cover of our own due to the same reasons as listed above.

But I dont think it is down to drugs. In war, things like this happen. Its just the way it is.

Ex Military.
Nowadays there is the technology to inform us back home, of what went wrong. It has always happened, just that now we get to know about it.
It's not always the Americans though. We have been guilty of firing on our own troops too!
what is a disgrace is the way they tried to cover this up,
that poor soldiers family have been left in limbo for 4 yrs.
Which begs the question, what do they really care for our
troops. All they really seem to care about is covering their own backs.
It is about time we had a re-think over our Special Relationship with the USA. This relationship is only one sided. We have seen them deny this cockpit video footage ever existed. We have only just paid the debt we owed them for the help they gave us during WW2, and they refuse our extradition requests of US citizens from the US to the UK, and yet expect us to us to comply with their requests. And then expect us to join them in their disastrous foreign policies at the drop of a hat.
Our troops get shot by the US because we are stupid enough to volunteer to be on the same battlegrounds as them. 15 Saudi Arabians die perpertrating the 9/11 attacks - and we respond by invading Iraq and Afghanistan???,,30200-1 3566951,00.html

In light of this event, this makes interesting reading.
Why are we not also demanding that these US airmen, are not also facing trial, or is a British life less valuable than an Italian one?
anotheoldgit, I totally agree with you. I think it is certainly time to rethink our relationship because we seem to do all that the US president tells us to do and I am so angry that we have to dance to their tune and they please themselves most of the time. As to friendly fire - that is nothing new at all. My Father was hit by American friendly fire in WW2 out in the desert when the Aericans decided to bomb our lines and in consequence only had one lung for as long as I knew him. I love the Americans but not the fact that our government has to do everything that an American president tells us to do. The proud nation that we once were is now laughable in the worlds eyes with our over eagerness to please everybody (nations and religious sects) and fight wars that we got drawn into.
Worth noting that in the first Gulf war, more British troops were killed by the Americans than by the Iraqis.

Of course, the many tens of thousands of Iraqi and Afghanistani civils killed by 'friendly fire' by US piots on chicken shoots is by the way...
I think you will find all army's have had friendly fire happen there is a lot of mis and non communication that happens in battle's and war it just now with the Media following the troops they see it happen live and sometimes on tape.the first gulf war more American's were killed by friendly fire then by the Iraq'es

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the great usa war machine

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