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or even HEAR about this
nope - its makes for an interesting article doesn't it... i do think that vast sections of the media do the public a massive disservice by drumming up fear and tension instead of level headily report the news in full
Interesting that the xenophobic vehelpfulguy who asks questions like this: 8229.html
can correct spelling, but could not possibly comment on the fact that there are White English terrorists who aren't getting media coverage!
I do hate those who are so superior that they have to correct spelling. If someone is kind enough to post and share something and spells incorrectly we do understand what they are trying to say and share with us. Unwarranted comment vehelpfulguy, but thanks bimbim for the link - it makes you wonder what rules the press have for bringing quite what to our attention.
very interesting, bimbim, thanks. Food for thought. I shall wait to hear explanations from Islamophobes about why demented whites aren't really threats at all.
No zimzam I agree with vehelpfulguy we should correct spelling, and not allow standards to drop further.
After all the computer checks the spelling for you if you type it out first on WORD or similar, then copy and paste onto the question or answer panel. It's just laziness to do other wise.
Having said this I bet the first thing I do is to make a spelling mistake.
Question Author
I did realise & apologise, it didn't appear. Thanks for the thanks & sod the rest of you!
I apologise anotheroldgit - I can never hope to reach your high standards.I am humbled but I still prefer to make allowances for many who cannot SPEL but make a good post.........happie chrishtmas to yoo
There are many reasons that people's spelling may go awry, as mine often does due to a brain injury I have which affects my cognitive ability sometimes and also sometimes affects my ability to co-ordinate very well resulting in typos. There are numerous reason's someone's spelling may be off, we really don't need your approval or disapporval, just answer the damned question eh?
Super suspicious and revealing a very dangerous agenda, with regards to the story. I would like newspapers to report the news. All of it, not just what they would like me to read.
old git - Well in this instance there was no spelling mistake - here and hear are both spelt correctly.

spell checkers are great but they can only correct spelling, not choose the correct word for your needs

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