who's the greatest woman ALIVE

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manutdstott | 02:15 Thu 21st Aug 2003 | News
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who's the greatest woman ALIVE


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Debbie from Debbie Does Dallas.....that girl could suck a golfball through a hose.
my wife
don't know her name (which is poor) but the woman who has terminal cancer yet continues to run marathons to raise money for cancer research, goes high on my list.
Also Jacqueline Saburido
NOW THIS IS MORE LIKE IT. Sorry gotta give the dead lot a big up 2. Firstly, Rosa Parks and then Harriet Tubman oh and the Prankhursts o'er here. Alive I like Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes she has a strong philosophy on life. Who else emmm Gro Harlem Brundtland bird with balls took on the vatican and muslim fundamentalists and won c.1994.Musically Marcia Griffths, Brenda Russell. and the list goes on..
I think darth is thinking of Jane Tomlinson. She's currently in training for the Ironman Triathalon I believe.
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sft42 what film does that line you used come from. (that girl could suck a golf ball through a hose). its a good few years ago i heard it in some comedy, i think james belushi might of said it.
britney spears, what a total babe- need i say more lads?
Jane Tomlinson - thankyou!. btw who were the Prankhursts? or do you mean Pankhurst?
oops I always do that yeah Pankhurst. By the way looked at your ladies profile and she's rockin'
which one? - Mrs Vader, Tomlinson or Saburido?
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Tomlinson. Kust thought of another amazing woman cos shes nutty but smart Grace Jones, Yeahhh..
Magaret Thatcher. Jane Tomlinson. Jane Tomlinson's daughter

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who's the greatest woman ALIVE

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